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    Anyone used something like this before?

    Ebay item: 120415693318

    The cheap price makes me somewhat skeptical... I don't want to ruin my battery.
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    Or does anyone know if the Centro 3340WW (ebay item: 370204563885) would work? And if both work is the 3340WW going to be better than the above?

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    If the Centro charger works then the 800w charger should work. The only difference between the 2 is the 800w is a MicroUSB (same as Pre) while the Centro uses Palm's old proprietary charger. If you have a bunch of 650/700/680/Centro chargers around then the Centro would make sense, otherwise go with the 800w.

    I haven't actually tried it (I had an 800w and a bunch of Centro chargers to use all my old Palm chargers). I'm chicken, sorry.

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