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    When ever my Pre gets close to 100%, the thing starts repeating the touchstone ding (the one it makes when you first place the unit on the stone). It will not stop until I take the Pre off of the stone. This does not happen when I use the cable to charge the Pre. Anyone else experiencing this, or know what the problem might be?

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    Doesn't happen to me.
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    Me either.
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    I haven't noticed that happening with my 'stone. I generally dock it at night before bed, but it isn't dinging enough that it wakes me, nor is it still dinging in the morning when I get up.
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    Haven't noticed this, but I woke up this morning and my touchstone was making a weird buzzing sound. I think I am going to exchange my touchstone, also having a problem with the back not fitting right.
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    I have noticed this as well, I was able to fix by resetting the phone. I tried taking the phone off the stone and putting it back at different angles to no avail.

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