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    Hey there, I just ordered my full body invisible shield but now I am wondering if touchstone will work with the invisble shield on. Anyone have any idea if this will work?
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    Yes it will be fine.
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    Sorry Timmy, SERO does not work with the Pre.
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    why on earth would you want to put the invisible shield on the touchstone battery door? its a matte black rubber.....
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    It will probably work. I was lucky enough to be able to try two similar materials on the back of my Touchstone cover. One was a static type of film and the other was a 3M adhesive type of film. The 3M film worked with the Touchstone while the other film would not. I have a Zagg InvisibleShield on order and it shipped today so I will probably test it soon.

    I see the point in regards to wondering why you would apply the film to a matte black cover? The cover is still fairly grippy with the 3M film applied not as grippy though. You loose the matte look to some degree as well. So, the bottom line is the ONLY reason is to keep the cover in 100% pristine condition. These films prevent all scratches and minor dings that make a device look old and worn making the devices resale value MUCH LOWER. You can actually polish the plastic film using a spray called Plexus to smooth out the scratches and stuff that the screen absorbs. Of course if you drop your phone a film won't keep it from breaking though.
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    The only reason why I ordered the Zagg shield was to prevent scaratches but because of the thickness of the material I was not so sure the touchstone would hold it or the charge go through it.

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