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  1. joelpalm
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    I actually got my IS for just about that same exact price actually.
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    "Full Body ($24.95) - includes 2 complete sets"

    so that's for 2 phones?
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    use discount code zagg20 and get a 20% discount.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cl191 View Post
    "Full Body ($24.95) - includes 2 complete sets"

    so that's for 2 phones?
    It could be. Or you could mess up on your first application and have to use the second
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    Quote Originally Posted by temperamentalman View Post
    Just got the email...mine has shipped as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Urkel View Post
    Ordered a BodyGuardz yesterday and it shipped this morning. Supposedly its just as good as invisibleshield but a lot cheaper.

    Full Body ($24.95) - includes 2 complete sets
    Screen ($14.95) - includes 2 screens

    Besides price you gotta look at the cut of the skin. BodyGuardz and Zagg look to be the same but if you check out Besk Skins Ever it doesn't have the thin cut for the corners. It might be better because the thin ones peeled back on my iPod Touch.


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    Mine is on backorder
  8. joelpalm
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    Hey, I have an IS on the way with no Pre. Hoping Best Buy gets one in this weekend. If not, the wait continues.
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