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    I need a touchstone at home, work, and my home office. The first touchstone was not a problem.

    When I bought the others, I forgot that I would also need to buy another cable and a wall charger for each.

    SPRINT Sales Reps... please remember that when somebody buys a Touchstone to ASK if they also need a cable and a wall charger.

    I realize that if I paid attention to the first unit I bought, I would not have run into the issue. It still seems pretty odd to me that for the price they are selling it at, that they would not include those basic items.
    Carter Patterson
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    I still think it's kind of lame that they didn't include the cable in the 1st place, I mean it couldn't have cost them more then 50 to throw the damn cable in.
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    I agree...for $70...another cable should have been in it. Not even asking for the power out let part...but at the minimum...the usb cable itself.

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    Yeah, if you go to, you'll see there's a Touchstone Charging kit for 69.99... and a Touchstone Charging Expansion kit for 79.99... that's got the cable in it! We're being raped, but I needed another touchstone, so I bought it.

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