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    Well, I bought the PRE, the leather case from Palm, Touchstone, but I am still missing something. That is right, a good screen Protector. Right now I think there are only a few options. I have seen Invisible Shield, Ghost Armour, Bodyguardz and Phantom Skinz. Basically all these protectors are the same. You have to use water to set them on the device by spraying. You also have to have steady hands and nerves of steel. You have to wait to use your phone 24 to 72 hours. Some even say you have to take out the battery, which in the Pre I have heard you really shouldn't remove the battery. Are these protectors really that good? I am a klutz, and I am afraid I am going to ruin the PRE by soaking to much. I have never heard of putting water on an electric device. Are there any other options out there that are made for the PRE or are those full body or screen water based protectors really easy to put on, and I shouldn't worry about it.

    If so, which one of these are the best and why. Please tell me of past experiences that you might have had with those products with other devices.

    I also found possibly another solution for the old fashion screen protectors, but I don't know much about this product either.

    Amzer® Anti-Glare Screen Protector - Pack of 6 For Palm Pre, which you can get at this address.

    Amzer Anti-Glare Screen Protector - Pack of 6 For Palm - Palm Pre - Screen Protectors -

    Please give me some advice. I still have that screen protector on from opening the box, which is really not a viable option.

    Thanks again. I look forward to hearing opinions.
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    I know their are a few threads like this, but no one really says why they like the protector or how easy it is to put the protector on. I just want to hear experiences. I have never had success with these water type screen protectors. How easy is it to put on? How long until we can use the device. Which protector looks the best on? Thanks
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    With my IPod Nano, I used the ZAGG Invisibleshield and loved it but thought it was really expensive for what it was. So this time around I looked around a bit more and found bodyguardz, which is the same thing just cheaper. For the price I got my Invisibleshield, I got two bodyguardz for my Pre. The kit comes with a little squeegee, application spray, and two covers. From what their website says it's the same kind of stuff that gets applied to cars a a clearbra.

    Edit - Just noticed the bodyguardz posting a few below this one. Sorry.
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    bought this works cool, prices is really good.
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    You might want to search under each of the brands you mentioned as EVERYBODY has a different opinion which is better. (there are enough threads about them)

    Heres a "sticky" with the links?

    This thread will only fill with those same opinions?
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    i'm going to get invisibleShield but i would choose bodyguardz because it has 2 not 1 like invisibleShield
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    I kept the original plastic on until I received my IS, the back of my Pre looks really good but the screen looked terrible. I since remove the front and replace with Phantom skinz, which came out perfect. This has got to be the easy shield to install, your a take off within five minutes if you mess up and reapply. I just used my finger to apply and remove the water and bubbles, this there's no marks. There were no bubble and the screen was almost perfectly clear. The sides are completely covered with no orange peel like IS and the corners stick really well. If you should buy these make sure you use 1 cup one warm water in a bowl with a drop of soap. The soap makes it easy to side into position because without jump likes the other skins it will stick to to pre as so as you touch the screen. I can't believe how nice an clear and smooth it feel compared to IS. The Phantom Skinz are on sale through June and you get two sets with life time warranty, 30 day mb for 4.97 fronts / 12.47 full with shipping included. This the code needed for the discounted. summer50
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    +1 for Phantom Skinz. I tried Zagg first, and then Phantom. Phantom Skinz are superior in price, clarity, fit, feel, and ease of install.

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