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    Rubberized Snap on Case. Highly doubt it'd work with the Touchstone unless you leveled it out, and that's if it's still close enough to charge.

    If you were looking for something like this, I wouldn't waste $20 on the one at Best Buy. But be careful poking around ebay because some listings have pics showing the case is a bit off center. Kinda dumb to show a pic with the center button shifted to one side. I wouldn't buy one without them showing a pic of the Pre in the case just for that reason alone. A simple search of "Palm Pre Case" will bring up a variety of these two piece cases in various colors and with or without a rubberized finish. Quite a few that ship from Cali too so no overseas wait time.

    I might pick one up because it's cheap and is play through. Good to keep it protected during the 30 days if you're on the fence. Might hit Five Below to find a basic pouch case too if I don't have something around the house.

    Or I might just get this vertical leather case that looks like it has a decent spring clip. Seems like it's sized to fit the Pre well from the pic unlike other ebay ones that never show a Pre in the case.
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    It looks like it covers the gesture area
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    Yeah, how exactly would you operate your Pre with the gesture area covered?
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    nice catch. wasn't even paying attention to that. looks like i'll stick with the leather one I posted below. Though I just remembered I got a free case with my Pany TZ5, and I think it might be a similar fit. Will have to see before I go buy one. My Pre won't be here till Tuesday.

    Did my good deed and posted a warning auction on ebay. Saw a few auctions with people bidding on them. Hope people catch it. Also emailed a few of the sellers and let them know. Shows how much the Chinese know, not to mention the sellers. They glossed right over that little, but very important defect like I did.
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    A dremel would take care of the area covering the gesture area. I wouldn't think it would harm anything to remove that section.
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    It wouldn't, but the mfg is in the process of making the correct ones. They were saying 4-5 weeks before they get them.
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    im gonna stick to my invisible shield and leather case

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