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    I live in chicago. Are there any stores that sell skins for this? I want to pick one up right away.

    Im super scared of scratching my pre. I have a nasty habit of putting my keys in the same pocket as my phone. So far I haven't don't this but its only a matter of time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MoonKS View Post
    I bought the Rocketfish Clamshell at BestBuy. It is gunmetal in color and fits very nicely. I will post pics when I reach my 10 post count!


    Quote Originally Posted by nightmare View Post
    That's the same one I got, but I took it off and got the Touchstone instead.
    I just got the Rocketfish Clamshell yesterday. I like it! I almost bought a Touchstone too, so I asked the guy at Best Buy if you could still use the touchstone with the case on. We tried it, and it works! The touchstone will charge through the clamshell case.

    (Full disclosure: He took the phone behind the desk and set it on the touchstone they had plugged in, so I am going off of his report that it worked. I did not buy the Touchstone yet, probably will get it from the store since its cheaper, so I can't personally guarantee this works yet. If it doesn't, I'm going to go yell at a Best Buy employee.)
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    I got the Rocketfish Clamshell at BestBuy but stopped using it because when I slide the phone to open it one of the little pieces of plastic on the side of the case pushes the volume button down. It is really annoying. I am returning it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrdavis55 View Post
    bought the side case... worth every penny... holds it snug and the ribbon is extremely helpful for getting it out....
    what he said
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    I picked it up yesterday and agree. I hope I don't have issues once I apply the bodyguardz.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crogs571 View Post
    If anyone is looking for a leather case with a belt clip, this one might do the trick. Seems like a good fit with a good clip. Plus it's cheap.
    NEW LEATHER SKIN CASE COVER HOLSTER FOR SPRINT PALM PRE - eBay (item 200354616769 end time Jul-19-09 15:47:47 PDT)

    I just bought one of these. I hope the clip grabs under my belt. Without that I tend to have them plop off at some point. Anyone else get one?
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    The above case is nice, seems well made, and the clip is very good (goes under belt), but for me it is a little too big for the Pre. One can shake the Pre both sideways and vertically when in the case with the magnetic leather strip secured. A perfect fit for me would be for the Pre to slip down against the elastic sides, preventing any movement. Mine doesn't.
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