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    I have a MOTO T505 and was wondering how using music plus nav worked as far as volume? On my current winmo phone i can run both apps and control the volume of the music so i can still hear the nav. I was just wondering how this works on the pre since i still cant seems to find one yet...

    P.S. i am talking about telenav for navigation
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    It works really well. I just played around with it today for a while, was super impressed with the nav while playing music. I had the Pre plugged into an audio cable running through my stereo. The music paused (or got muted, not sure which) when it read out the navigation directions. I was expecting the directions would be too loud or something but it was perfect. Think it works the same way with the audio over bluetooth.
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    I can confirm that the nav voice reduces the volume on the music while it is talking when used with bluetooth. (builtin music/sprint nav) I'm pretty sure I could still hear the song in the background. I actually thought the voice was a bit loud, but I had my car's stereo turned up pretty high.
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    I just wish there was an option to make the TeleNav application a little less chatty.. I found it spends more time talking and telling me to turn in x feet, turn in x feet, turn, go straight on ramp, merge onto highway, go straight on highway, proceed 2 miles down highway... Etc, you get the idea. Too much nav, not enough music
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    How did you do it? Just go through the bluetooth option and link them together? Thats what I did and its not working.
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    i have an alpine iva-w205 head unit with the alpine kce-400bt bluetooth unit. Pairing was a snap and was per the maual's instructions. The 400bt supports music over bluetooth, so it adds 2 new selectable sources to the head unit, "telephone" and "bluetooth audio". When the phone is paired and I select the bluetooth audio source on my deck all audio is automatically routed through my car stereo. When I don't have the bluetooth audio source selected on my head unit, the pre's audio for navigation, music, etc, still comes out of the phone, even if it is paired with the deck (calls will still automatically be routed to the head unit still though).

    I am able to run the sprint navigation app and pandora at the same time. To adjust the audio level you have to adjust the phone's output volume using the buttons on the side of the phone, and then adjust the volume of your stereo through the head unit. When the navigation app gives voice guidance the pre automatically lowers pandora's volume, returning it to normal after the nav lady is finished speaking.

    Pandora sounds just as good over bluetooth as it does when i connect the pre using an audio cable and the aux port on my head unit. I can also use my head unit to skip songs in pandora and control the music application on the pre as well. The only function that doesn't work for music over bluetooth with my setup is the artist and track information.

    As far as the phone functions go, my phonebook, received, missed, and placed call lists are all synced to the head unit as well, and everything works great. Only thing I haven't figured out how to do is bring up the number keypad on the head unit to use during a phone call.

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