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    Did anybody know this? Well as I was getting my Pre this morning in Omaha, Nebraska, at the Sprint store. They had a Palm Specialist there to show us some great things about the phone. Well I as I was walking out of the store I caught a very interesting conversation. He basically said that software updates were coming to allow the Touchstone Charger to also transfer files from your computer. Simply by plugging the supplied USB cable into you computer from the Touchstone. Place your Pre on the Touchstone and sink up everything!!

    I didn't get the Touchstone right now, didn't really feel the need, but when this becomes available, its a NO-BRAINER!

    Thoughts PLZ!!
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    Hopefully this functionality will come soon....I would love to sync via the touchstone.
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    Is that even possible?
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    Not possible

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    Um, unless Palm came up with some innovative way to transfer data through magnetic induction, I don't think this is true.
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    I don't even think that's possible.
    The touchstone charges by induction, you can't transfer data by induction.
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    I believe someone disassembled the Touchstone and found it to be nothing but a standard inductive charger. Is it possible to use fluctuations in current, or something like that, to transmit data? Dunno, but it seems far fetched.

    Maybe he was talking about a new product that would support it, and software updates to support that product.
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    He lied to you. This is impossible.
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    Man, I hate when people think they know what they are talking about.

    And don't.

    Aka, retail employees.

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