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    Hello folks,

    Love the phone, but there is one outstanding BT bug. BT and A2DP work GREAT on the phone as long as you're in a conversation or using an app. However, when the device goes on standby, the bluetooth radio goes stale - it won't detect a headset being switched off, and won't recognize a headset being switched on.

    This is really annoying, because every time I finish a conversation and shut off the phone, I have to power cycle the BT radio. Even if I don't shut off the headset, future phonecalls can't be heard on the headset.

    If the BT radio were at fault, I would imagine that it would disconnect during conversations - but it doesn't. Can anyone else reproduce it? In order to do this:

    Turn on BT radio. Make a call. Then, either:

    1. Put the phone on standby, and wait for about 5-10 minutes. Then turn off headset or try to make a call - BT won't respond normally


    2. Disconnect headset, put phone on standby. Then 5-10 minutes later, try turning on the headset. It won't be recognized.

    I'm using the Jabra BT8040, which has been working amazingly well for a long time on my old WinMo phones. I'm pretty sure it's a phone issue... I've even updated the headset's firmware and reset it.

    I'm hoping not to need new hardware.
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    I'm using the BlueAnt Q1 with no problems.

    It paired right up, I made a call and then turned the headset off while leaving BT on on the Pre.

    That was awhile ago. I read this post and my Pre was in standby. Turned on the headset and it connected right away.
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    Confirmed. I tried a non-A2DP headset and it works great. The problem must be with the way the Pre handles A2DP - must be causing the stack to hang somewhere. Hopefully something that Palm will iron out soon.
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    Nevermind... still same problem with non-A2DP headset. I must have a faulty handset. Why is it that every phone I've bought in the past few years but one has had faulty BT hardware?!?! Anyone else out there with similar issues?
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    I have a Jabra JX-10 (2 yrs old) that I use with my iPhone, it reconnects and will auto switch in the middle of a call from the handset to the headset when turned on. No problems at all on my iPhone. It works with the Pre if I go into the BT setting and the "fat" BT icon is on the top right, but if I turn the headset of, and try to use it again, it will not auto reconnect. Is this an AD2P thing? Suggestions.

    Update: got the BlueAnt Q1 and works fine, turning on and off, so a non AD2P bluetooth headset probably will not work correctly with the Pre, as least for me and the Jabra JX-10.
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    Doesn't seem to be an A2DP issue - I've confirmed a hardware fault with a number of sources. I put Palm and Best Buy in a race to see who can get me a new device faster.
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    BB called today informing me that they had a replacement Pre. They only got one in, but my name was at the top of the list (not bad for a medium-sized city like Nashville!) - after the exchange, bluetooth works perfectly! So, this confirms hardware defect on the old phone. Battery life is notably improved, so the old radio may have been sucking the life out of the battery as well.
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    Never mind I read your post above.
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    OMG! this is exactly what mine does.. i was hoping it was just a software thing.. i guess im stopping by my sprint store today afterwork to replace my handset
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    Yup, that'll fix it. Also, you'll notice significantly better battery life. Looks like the BT radio entering "standby" or low-power mode was messing up and and eating massive amounts of battery at the same time - even if disabled.

    Did your original Pre come in a box with a flower on the screen? Mine did. My replacement unit had a sunset on the screen, in a different-colored/printed box. It's a newer build, and the actual build quality seems much better - things fit more tightly. And of course, BT works.
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    you mean as the wallpaper? if so then yes it did have the orange flowers.
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    No, I meant the box itself - if you look at your retail box, the Pre show on it has a picture on the screen. My early-build device had a flower on it. My later-build replacement has a picture of a sunset.
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    yup.. having a problem that i have to manually force the phone pickup bluetooth after it goes into standby after a call.
    I also went thru a stint where it just wouldn't pair either.. weird..
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    I also had the pairing problems as well - mostly because even when turning the radio ON, you'd have to cycle the radio on, then off, then back on just to get things to work. Thankfully, new device solved all that. @smartphone, did yours come in a box with flower, or sunset?
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    black blox w/ flower..
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    swapped for the new one with the sunset.. we'll see.. i have high hopes.
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    Good deal, hope it works.
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    went to my local sprint store yesterday.. they wont look at it cause its not the main tech store.. >:O

    will have to make the drive to the main store after i get off work. wish me luck!
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    I have what might be the same problem. What I noticed was that BT would hook up with my car but when I turn the car off the BT on the Pre still thought it was connected, and of course would not reconnect with the car until I recycled the BT on the Pre. The other symptom I noticed while in this state was that I could place a call but there was no sound. And when I put the phone to my face the phone would react, starting applications. This was because in BT mode it doesn't act on proximity to your face.

    Does this look like the same problem where I should request a replacement (when ever they get more in stock)?
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    I have the Pre paired to both a Jabra BT8010 A2DP headset in the car, along with an Xlink Bluetooth Gateway in my home.. I have no problems when the phone is in standby if I power on the Jabra or the Xlink.. Both devices re-sync and show a volume indicator on the screen once the sync is complete. As a note, I have one of the black box Pres that came with WebOS 1.01
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