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    I have what might be the same problem. What I noticed was that BT would hook up with my car but when I turn the car off the BT on the Pre still thought it was connected, and of course would not reconnect with the car until I recycled the BT on the Pre. The other symptom I noticed while in this state was that I could place a call but there was no sound. And when I put the phone to my face the phone would react, starting applications. This was because in BT mode it doesn't act on proximity to your face.

    Does this look like the same problem where I should request a replacement (when ever they get more in stock)?
    I went to Sprint and traded the phone for a new one with the sunset on the box. Same problem. Could it be my car? (Nissan Sentra w/factory bluetooth). The second phone had the 'loose slider' problem where the top end shifts to the right a mm or two. Third phone (they're apparently not supposed to replace it more than once - thanks local Sprint store!) also has the BT problem and "less" of a loose slider issue although not as tight as the original which they would not let me have back. :-(
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    I have my pre hooked up to a Jabra SP700. Calls, navigation, everything work as you expect on bluetooh. However, to get the A2DP stereo to transmit (i assume the Jabra is receiving fine since calls work), I have to power off the bluetooth on the phone and turn it back on while in the music app. Anyone have this problem?
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    I am on my second pre and both have had an issue with both the jawbone2 and the plantronics voyger pro. they work great for a while but when the phone goes into standby It never turns BT radio all the way back on. It shows connected it even shows the call is talking to the headset but no sound in or out. The way I have found to fix it is to turn the bt off on the phone count to 5 and turn it back on. Then it works fine. Any other solutions would be helpful.

    Thanks mike
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    I have a Jabra BT3030 and am having a problem with a lag. When a call comes in with the BT on it takes a while (a couple of minutes) before the sound starts coming through the BT. It starts just on the Pre and then a couple of minutes later switches to the BT. The Pre has the filled-in BT symbol on and is paired with the BT.
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