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I have my TS using the Palm car charger and it makes the charging sound when I put it in reverse or drive.
There's a tweak for that to shut that off. Did it to mine, although I no longer have the problem since installing my power inverter.

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I have the Touchstone in the car with the Palm car charger. Not really mounted, just sitting in the center console area. On warm days, the tacky bottom of the Touchstone does a great job keeping everything in place. But now that things are getting colder, I notice that until the car warms up, the Touchstone likes to slide around a bit. Not a big deal, but I have launched my Pre across the car twice while really getting on the gas to get out into traffic. Another good reason for a screen protector. Don't want to mount it, as I sometimes pull the Touchstone out to bring in to work.
All that can be fixed by springing for another touchstone (like $30 on amazon for just the charger) and just getting some decent strength velcro. I live in North Dakota and haven't had a problem with the TS letting go. I'll get back to you on that in January when our overnight lows hit -30. I'll probably be picking up some velcro then myself.