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    The official Palm charger is just a 12VDC car to USB connector, and then it also includes a USB to microUSB cable exactly like what's in the Pre box, from what I understand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by willwork View Post
    The Palm car charger fits into the touchstone without shaving off any plastic??
    And it will charge the phone in the car?
    Yes the Palm car charger comes with a shorter cable that fits into the Touchstone and yes it will charge the phone in the car.
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    The touchstone with car charger works fine. I have one in my Prius, and the touchstone sticks right on the glossy cupholder cover in front of the armrest. Perfect!
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    Yep have one in each of my cars its a sweet setup. Thing I like most is that when the Pre is on the Stone it automatically switches to speaker phone mode. And the speaker phone works dam good!
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    So my touchstone in the car has an issue - it seems that if I go over uneven ground, the connection to the touchstone is lost for a split second, and so I get that "charging" tone - every 10 seconds or so.
    It doesn't happen when I'm not moving, although sometimes I go over a rough bump and it doesn't do it, and other times I'll go over the slightest bit of uneven terrain and it beeps.
    The solution was simple - or so I thought. I turned off system sounds. However, Palm inexplicably has a beep that is heard through my bluetooth stereo connection when you're on the phone and you begin charging the phone. So I hear the one high tone whenever the connection is broken...
    Any suggestions? I have 2 touchstones and they both give me the same result...
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    I had the same problem. Reseat your usb cable into the touchstone. Worked for me.
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    I'll try that, although when I switched touchstones, I had the same problem. I might have a loose connection in the cigarette lighter as well...
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    Does anyone know whether the Touchstone will charge if I'm using the Palm charger in a 3 socket DC adapter? I only have 1 available DC socket in my car, so I have a 3 socket adapter connected to it. Will it still draw enough power for the Touchstone with 2 or more devices connected?
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    Quote Originally Posted by temperamentalman View Post
    Why not just spend 30 bucks on a power inverter??? Plug it in just like you were in the house.
    u can get one at wal-mart for $17 its a black&decker
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    Well, got my 2nd touchstone and Palm car charger. Everything hooks up fine. No shaving off connectors or anything. Perfect.....well, almost.

    Anytime I put on the turn signal (left or right) the Pre will jump out and go back into charging mode.

    I tried this with several other power draining things on the car.

    Headlights off to headlights on....didn't do it
    Hazards off to hazards on.....didn't do it
    Amplifier off to amp on.....didn't do it
    AC off to AC on....didn't do it

    But turning on the left or right blinker will make it do the disconnect/connect thing.

    Not sure what the deal is, but I'm thinking about installing a fused power distribution block coming straight off the battery to run a couple extra power outlets off of it. I may try tapping the charger directly into the main power feed to see what happens.

    Anybody else have this issue?
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    FWIW, I just bought a couple of $0.97 car USB chargers from, and imagine my surprise when they powered the touchstone just fine! Item 3523. They're 1000ma chargers, and they meet the "USB Fast Charger" spec (i.e. the two data pins are connected together). This is my first post, so I can't post a URL, but just searching for that item number should get you there.
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    Thanks. Going to give that one a shot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by linuxturtle View Post
    FWIW, I just bought a couple of $0.97 car USB chargers from, and imagine my surprise when they powered the touchstone just fine! Item 3523. They're 1000ma chargers, and they meet the "USB Fast Charger" spec (i.e. the two data pins are connected together). This is my first post, so I can't post a URL, but just searching for that item number should get you there.
    Did you use the Palm cable or did you get one from monoprice?

    Have you driven longer than 30min with this setup? How much does it charge the Pre will using SprintNav and Pandora?
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    Well, the charger from monoprice didn't fix the issue. Actually it made it worse.
    I took a closer look at the Palm one and it does indeed put out 1A.

    I wonder if it would make a difference if I were to put a capacitor in line with the charger to help with the voltage drops it obviously sees when the blinker is turned on. Kind of like a cap in a stereo supplies a momentary energy boost during high drain times (bass hitting).
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    Try the charger discussed in this thread. I have it with the modification and it works perfectly.

    I also have the Sprint charger (850mA) and the Palm (1A) charger. The Sprint one is fine for USB charging (not touchstone), and the Palm is ok for the touchstone, but the Black Horns charger works fine - no on/off touchstone charging anymore when I open the door, turn on lights, etc.
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    Hard wired in a power inverter. I now have the pre charger hard wired to that and mounted an extra 110V AC outlet in the car as well. 2 birds, one stone.
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    I did have my touchstone mounted in my '97 Jeep Grand Cherokee but I took it out. I had it in for a couple of months give or take. I used the Palm OE car charger (the one with the cigarette adapter & usb cable) and some 3M velcro strips. I had it mounted on the right side of my gear shifter (b/c there really wasn't anywhere else to put it). It worked fine for me; although, it would intermitently chime on/off. It recharged fine from what I saw.

    I took it out b/c I've gone camping and taken a couple of road trips with it set up and had my Pre fall off on some of the roads/trails (nothing more than dirt roads really). I know I've got an older SUV and it doesn't ride like a Cadillac but I figured since I'm going on a few more camping/road trips I'd be better off not using my touchstone.

    Also, I wanted to get a cover & holder b/c I really didn't want to mess up my Pre and at the time I couldn't find one that worked with a touchstone. I've got a Rocketfish case now that I clip onto my sun visor when I'm in my Jeep. It works out pretty well for me this way. I don't use my Pre for a nav system b/c I've a nice Garmin unit for that.

    I'd probably go back to using my touchstone with the newer cases that work with it if I knew I wasn't going to be driving on some rougher terrain. Just keep in mind how old the car/truck/SUV your going to be using it in does make a difference.
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    I have a TS mounted on the console in my 4x4 Excursion. It doesn't ride like a cadilac either. The only time it's gotten knocked off is when one of the dogs runs from one side to the other over the console and take the Pre out, when my daughter gets in after school with her 100lb bag of books and takes it out or the console get's opened and dropped shut, or opened when the audio cable it plugged in and that pulls it off.

    I wouldn't try mounting it vertically though.

    And I use a home charger plugged in to an invertor also.
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    I have my TS using the Palm car charger and it makes the charging sound when I put it in reverse or drive.
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    I have the Touchstone in the car with the Palm car charger. Not really mounted, just sitting in the center console area. On warm days, the tacky bottom of the Touchstone does a great job keeping everything in place. But now that things are getting colder, I notice that until the car warms up, the Touchstone likes to slide around a bit. Not a big deal, but I have launched my Pre across the car twice while really getting on the gas to get out into traffic. Another good reason for a screen protector. Don't want to mount it, as I sometimes pull the Touchstone out to bring in to work.
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