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    Quote Originally Posted by imex99 View Post
    I connect my motorola h700, worked like a champ with my q9c and my instinct. All you do is unfold the headset and the phone would turn the bluetooth on.

    With the Pre, after I initially connect and say I take the headset off and flip the bluetooth closed but leave it on the phone and run into the store. I get back into the car and flip the bluetooth back open and put it back on, it won't connect. Sometimes I have to turn the Pre's bluetooth on and off(repeat multiple time) and it will sometimes work....Very annoying.

    Unless someone can tell me what i'm doing wrong, going to email Sprint and Palm and hope they can get a fix for this....
    I have the HS850 and have had this problem with other phones too. I might be having it with the Pre I just haven't noticed.

    When you open the boom mic, if the headset doesn't connect back up with the Pre hit the call button once on the headset. This usually makes it connect back up. I had this problem with the 700p a lot and my HS850.
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    Motorola S9 headset works pretty good...
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    Quote Originally Posted by bwze View Post
    Motorola S9 headset works pretty good...
    x2. I have the s9HD and have 0 problems and it sounds great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bradb21 View Post
    I'm actually getting a lot of static now with my in-car system. Anybody notice any static with any of your audio connections (over BT).
    I have horrible static and hissing noise coming from Treo Pro and my car stereo bluetooth Sony BT2600. I also have the problem of the sound volume out not being as loud as the Touch Pro I had. I find that I have to raise the volume on pocket player on phone and also raise the bluetooth audio in volume on car head unit.

    Any ideas on these issues? Thanks in advance!

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    No trouble pairing my BT Motorola H500, but can't get the S9 to pair...Pre just keeps saying it can't find any devices. Any suggestions?
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    Pairs for phone with no problem. contacts won't jump to car audio system [Kenwood with Subaru Logo in software].

    No music audio whatsoever. Anyone else playing with Subaru audio / nav systems?
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    i use ipod touch 2nd gen for music and podcasts. pre for calls. i know 5 stereo bt headsets that control both simultaneously

    1. samsung sbh-500 behind neck

    2. motorola s9-hd behind neck (these r the best imo, in golla bag or not)

    3. insignia ns-bthdp behind neck

    4. sony drbt/101 overhead

    5. jaybird jb-200i-01(very nice, calls sound like in a coffee can tho)

    i use s9hd now, never had a problem. works better than i expect.

    i drive a 08 nissan sentra and i paired my phone no problem, no static, no problems. only thing i need now is voice dial.

    ps-jabra halos-NEGATIVE
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    Factory Car Bluetooth



    Works just fine:
    Pairing / Day-to-day re-pairing
    Hitting the "call" button on the steering wheel, using voice dial, making a call
    Using the phone to dial, transfers to car automatically

    Doesn't work:
    Using the "hang-up" button on the steering wheel

    Yet to try:
    Transfer of address book to car system
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    My Plantronics Voyager Pro worked like a charm, best ever in fact. BUT now after I had Sprint reset my and my wifes phones with input of the MSL to get better connectivity in the house (mainly a problem with her phone) I get the issue of the bluetooth headset disconnecting. I literally have it connected, then beep, it shows recognized on the Pre still but the phone connected is gone. I have to end up turning off the bluetooth from the phone side and then turning it back on, and sometime re-pairing the headset?

    Any insight as to why and how I can fix this?
    Like I mentioned ifrst worked fine for about 3 months now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RB26 View Post
    Plantronics Discovery 655 works well here.
    Since your post have you had any issues with the 655? I paired it with the Pre but I find that after about 5 minutes it gets disconnected and I have to shut off the BT and headset and resync it. I have given up on using the headset until I see a unit that works well or the BT is updated. Too much of a pain to keep redoing things whenever I want to use BT.
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    Jabra 620s works fine, both to stream audio (ie Pandora) and as a phone headset. I'm not happy to hear about the original Jawbone not working, I'm gonna give mine a try though to double check.

    edit, I just paired my Original Jawbone and it seems to be working fine for me.
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    Plantronics 835 pairs and works OK. The Pre (AT&T) bluetooth app doesn't have the same feature as my Treo 650 and 680. You must touch the button on the headpiece to answer a call with the Pre. Whereas on the Treos you could select immediate, answer after x rings or never. I think the Pre method is more consistent with other phones... YMMV
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    I think BT has come a long way since the early days. My Pre has paired with every BT device I've had, Hyundai Genesis, Triton BC200, Jabra SP715, Samsung WEP410, Samsung WEP?, LG HFB-500.... I'm pretty sure I'm missing some there.

    Now if Palm would only add voice dialing!
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    Turns out that Android phones will beat out Pre to the punch of adding BT Voice Dialing. Android 2.2 apparently supports this basic feature.
    It amazes me just how STUPID *smart* phones are on release. My (obsolete, no longer supported) LG Versa does more in the BT world than the Pre currently does.
    iphone, Droid, Pre.... all of them missed the boat big time on this feature. I'd be afraid if I were the product development manager for Pre.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trucker_Rick View Post
    Being a trucker, there is alot of background noise in the truck. So, I use the blue parrot headset. The few prblems that I am having is:

    I have to answer the calls from the headset, if I try and answer them from the pre screen, it doesnt connect to the headset. I have tried re-syncing them but same issue.

    Also, when useing the headset, if I rotate the pre or put it in my pocket(pre holder from sprint is junk) it disconnets from the headset and I have to hang up and call again.
    Did anyone ever respond? Which Blue Parrot do you have? Which OS version and carrier and model do you have? I have a Verizon Pre+ and I'm running 1.4.5 now but even with it worked as described below.

    I have the Blue Parrot Xpressway and have had only occasional glitches like the call connecting to the handset rather than the headset. When this has happened I was able to tap the sound control button for the call and click on bluetooth to transfer it. Usually this has happened when I have powered my headset on during a ringing call.

    I have never had problems with the headset disconnecting unless I walk away from the phone a good distance. NOTE: While the headset claims a range of 66' it's closer to normal bluetooth - 30 feet or less.
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    Honda Civic (2007) factory bluetooth works fine.
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    Just a quick note to any VW Jetta owners - if the salesman tells you you can't use the bluetooth for audio out, only as a car-sized earbud, just smile. The SportWagon I got had the media kit installed and he also told me the SD card slot was a dummy and only worked with the GPS Nav system, but when I popped my MP3 card in, it worked. I was pretty pleased after pairing my Pre with the car easily, but I was elated when I was listening to a podcast, pulled the headset out, and got a pop-up on the VW media screen asking if I wanted to enable bluetooth audio. Clicked yes and there was my podcast, playing over the car speakers! Woot!

    Happy New Year to all!!!
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    Has anyone tried using the Palm Pre (or Pre Plus) with a Jabra a320s bluetooth dongle?

    Several sites listed these two together and while the phone sees the device and the device sees the phone the phone doesn't report a connection. It's really odd - the device on the pre side is shown grayed out.
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    My Jabra BT8040 and my Jabra Halo both work fine.
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