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    Well it works with my pioneer avic-d3, paired right up. Which was a great relief non of my wm phones connected to it right. Only issue is bt stereo doesnt play through speakers. But I can change tracks, pause and rewind songs through the head unit though.
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    Old Logitech Wireless Headphones work with A2DP, but the remote control buttons aren't recognized by the Pre's AVRCP driver, so there is no track playback control.
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    I have 2 Motorola HS700's that worked flawlessly on my Mogul. A lot of static with the Pre- can't even put the phone in my pocket. Needless to say, disappointed with the BT signal strength. Using the corded headset until I figure out what to do- guess I have to buy (try/buy another headset).
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    It connects beautifully with my Magellan Maestro 4350 gps unit (PAN profile). I could not pair my old cell (LG Voyager), but he Pre paired right up (after updating software on GPS) and literally a couple seconds after entering my car and turning power on the Maestro, I receive a "device connected" notification from the gps.

    very nice!
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    Does sprint navigation work with bluetooth? I like Sprint's navigation, but unless I can figure out a way to solve the volume issue (even with just a bluetooth headset), I might have to pull out the old Garmin.
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    My BlueAnt Z9i works great with the Pre. No one has complained about voice quality. Just wish it was easier to speed dial or an option to voice-dial.
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    The BlueAnt ST Lite works great as a visormount speakerphone but does have to be turned down to prevent echoing or I have to relocate the Pre elsewhere around the front of the car. Sometimes it's just a matter of turning the speaker or the Pre slightly and it's good to go!
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    The Motorolla H700c works great with it! It was the easiest bluetooth pairing experience I've ever had!
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    Both my Sony Xplod car stereos pair immediately, and I also have paired with my Motorola S9 and my Motorola DC800 that is connected to my Home Theatre. Great to have Pandora on the home system as the Pre sits on the TS and have it shut off the music when a call comes in as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jakerome View Post
    So far no luck with Eclipse AVN 2210p Car radio/GPS. Sees the Pre, but never gets to the point of asking for the password.
    I got it working, I had to turn the bluetooth on the pre on and off when the tomtom is looking for it. It finally connected after 12 or so times. The contacts didn't sync too well though.

    I am going to just use a Jawbone 2 as the AVN2210p bluetooth voice quality is poor. I had a parrot CK3300 car kit and got awesome sound, when I got the Eclipse I pulled it out since it was built in, big mistake...
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    Plantronics Discovery 655 works well here.
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    I got it working too, kinda.

    My method: Make Pre discoverable. Have TT look for phones. Say "yes" when TT asks to connect to Pre. Once it gets to 40%, I choose the "add device" option from the Pre. That seems to work.

    Downside is that the Pre doesn't connect automatically-- I have to re-pair every time I get in the car. I also heard reports (preliminary) that the sound quality is better w/ the Pre than Centro, but not sure if I believe that yet. Lots of contacts synced, but some are missing. I haven't figured out the pattern.
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    Plantronics 925 works really well. I have it connected to my pre and my Motorola work phone at the same time and it still works really well.
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    My Jabra BT8040 works better with the Pre than it did on the Treo. Thank God because I love my little bluetooth. But I can't get it to pair with my MacBook Pro.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbodner View Post
    I have a jabra bt3010, and can't get it to pair with my pre. It searches for the device but doesn't find anything.

    Anyone have any success with this handset?
    I was wondering if my 3010 was busted. My Pre doesn't see it, either.
    It worked fine with my Instinct.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andries View Post
    Motorola T505 is not working with the pre. It has worked with my lotus, and instinct
    I have the T505 and initially it works with Pandora and the Music player. However, if I skip a song or go to the next one, the bluetooth just stops. I've had to turn off/on the T505 at least 2-3 times in a row before it picked up again. At first I thought it was Pandora, but the same issue with the Music player. I'm bummed out.

    For now I'll use the Aux jack I have, but i really liked the T505, no need for a silly headset, but if it comes down to it I'll just get one specifically for the car.
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    I can pair mine to my Jabra 8040 with no problem, and even my Macbook too. However with my 8040, I can't place it in my pocket without getting a lot of static, I can't even put gas in my car and leave the phone inside with out it dropping the call. The range is very bad on mine. On my 800w, I was able to get at least 15 ft away without any problems.. Anyone else have any range problems with theirs ?
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    Works amazingly well with my pioneer bt700 av/nav unit. Was able to synch up contacts with no problems so can call right from the unit without looking at phone.
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    I use the WEP200 and it works just dandy for telephone conversations. But music/etc does not go through the BT.
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    Altec Lansing Backbeat 903 works great. The only nuiance is that when listening to music the volume on the headset is completely independent of the phone (which can mean the volume on the phone is on high and you dont really hear the music); however during a call it controls the phone volume. All the other music controls work great and the sound is much better than what I had expected.
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