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    Ok -- I have sensitive hearing. I hear TV screens. Not monitors, generally, but TV's -- yes. Flashes on cameras. Yes.

    This Touchstone? Absolutely.

    I won't be able to use it when I'm asleep with it 2 feet from my head.

    Other than that, the "Activation Failed" screen is gorgeous.
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    You got the wrong one... that's the Touchgroan. Prototype I think...
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    "The silence, it's overwhelming!"

    I declare this thread a fail.
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    I can also hear the touchstone... It sounds like a high-pitched buzzing. :-( My wife and co-workers can't hear it, so, it's probably not something that most people will notice.
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    Fortunately, I'm getting older and losing my high pitched hearing. I've heard nothing from my Touchstone. (One of the few advantages of getting old I suppose.)
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    I hear TV screens and monitors, too, but don't hear a peep from my touchstones. Are you sure that your outlet checks out?
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    Quote Originally Posted by draven76 View Post
    I hear TV screens and monitors, too, but don't hear a peep from my touchstones. Are you sure that your outlet checks out?
    Are you using an OEM charger? It not, switch... also, try exchanging the stone... I can hear TV's, flashes, etc., and not one peep from my TS's with OEM chargers.

    Lee Ladisky
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    yeah i don't hear mine at all either
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    I too can hear TVs and flashes, but can't hear a thing when I go to bed with the touchstone a few feet from my head.
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    There's no doubt that the touchstone is making "noise"; just as any transformer makes "noise" based on the frequency of the voltage across the coils. It is most likely at a frequency that not many can hear, though.

    However, as far as safety is concerned; you're in no more danger from the Palm Touchstone than you are from every electronic product you own with a step down transformer in it (pretty much everything; your computer has one, too).
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    I can hear my touchstone and it's very annoying. I am using the OEM charger and cord with it and I can hear the high pitched whine all of the time.
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    I have to take my touchstone off the charger at night. The noise is so irritating. Like having a mosquito in your ear all night...

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    If you're having really bad noise issues, you might want to also check the alignment of your Pre on the Touchstone. Personally the only times I've heard it have been when it was really poorly aligned.

    Might not fix everyone's issues though, I'm sure some just have better hearing than me.
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    I hate this noise and it only happens sometimes

    Here is another discussion about it that might have some more info for you
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    I can hear lights, TV/computer screens, flashes, etc. that most other ppl cannot hear, but none of the three Touchstones I have make noise. One is in a room that's rarely quiet but the other two I have slept in quiet rooms with them (home and hotel room) without an issue of noise. Could be that just like the Pres, some Touchstones are made a little different (akin to the Oreo effect on some Pres and not on others).
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    I've noticed no sounds from it.
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    I hear it at night when it is quiet. It is annoying. I won't be able to use it.
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    I can hear it if I put it right next to my ear when the phone is fully charged, but I sleep with it less than a foot away and don't hear a thing. Guess my hearing's starting to fail, eh?
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    Touchstones, for those 50 and older.
    Thank me if I helped you.
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    I hear this too and, as a few others have mentioned, can be quite disturbing at night. I think it is caused by the induction system interfering with the speaker. I have played around and there are some very tiny, hard to find sweet spots where it will charge and not hum. Maybe it indicates a minor problem with our back covers?
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