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    Was at the Sprint store to get a case and another AC charger.
    I asked how many TS did he have left, he said 2.
    The guy then tells me all accessories are 20 percent off, so I'm like, what the heck, lets go get it.
    So I try to get the cover off myself, I can't do it, I didn't want to break the thing so I had the guy take off the old cover for me and put the matte one on.
    I leave the store and get lunch and I start thinking, I have an Invisible Shield coming (got it today actually) which we know you can't use on the matte cover and I'm thinking about trying to switch covers and I got a bad feeling.
    But I'm thinking, maybe I should try it, get on the highway for home (45 minute drive), and I realize, no this is a mistake, I get off the first exit, go back and returned it.
    If the battery cover was as easy as the Treo's to get off, I probably would have kept it but I don't like messing around with little plastic things that can snap off and make the cover useless.
    Anyone else not get the TS because of the PITA swapping the covers?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dpc View Post
    Question about the touchstone back cover, is it the same material as on the treo 755p's? How much more 'grippable' is it then the regular back cover? I'm thinking about getting one just to have a better grip on the phone.
    Similar to 755p. I think it is more slippery than the the regular gloss cover. Somehow my fingers clinged better to the gloss cover. However, the touchstone cover is pretty much fingerprint proof, so that is the bonus.
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    Quote Originally Posted by timmo View Post
    Worth it in my opinion...looks much nicer and is less slippery in the hand.

    I removed all doubt, and just bought a full Touchstone kit at Radio Shack where I bought the phone.. I realized that it was kind of a hassle to also pull out the plastic cover for the charger cable each night, so may as well get the TS.

    Indeed, the matte rubberized back cover for the Pre with the TS is ideal.. I hate the fact that all new electronics have that piano black finish that are instant fingerprint magnets..

    I have a bestskinsever skin coming -- I ordered a full kit, but now wont need the cover for the back. Just the screen and I should be good to go.


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    taking the cover off was not an issue for me.
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    ITs that hard to take the cover off, you just need to learn the tricks on removing it. In the bottom of the PRe there is a little button with one nail you press it and then slide your fingernail or like the customer service people said a credit card on the left and right side and keep sliding it until you get to the middle of the phone on each sides, there is a snap there and after that its out.
    I had to learn how to remove the battery first day with the phone and it froze on me, no reset worked just the battery.
    I like the matte cover way more than the regular one.
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    Has anyone used the touchstone, and then have the Pre 's microUSB connected to the computer?

    I'm afraid i might fry the battery or something.
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    It doesnt work. The computer cant deliver enough power.
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    Not sure what I did, but I just got the Pre to charge via the Touchstone while connected to my PC. It would work fine until I lifted the phone off and put it back on. It worked twice in a span of about 30 mins. The 2nd time I let it sit there for about an hour and it charged all the way to the top. My laptop was connected to an outlet in my kitchen. The wall socket has 2 outlets, and the microwave was connected to the outlet beside my laptop's plug. The only factor I can think of is I unplugged the micro and then plugged in a floor lamp, then unplugged that and plugged the micro back in. Then unplugged the micro and plugged an egg beater in, then unplugged that and plugged the micro back in. All while leaving my laptop plugged in. I had my phone sitting on the touchstone while the touchstone was attached to my laptops USB port, ( I forget why I had it set up like that, I think I was about to take the micro usb out of the TS and put it in the side of the Pre, but then I heard the charging notification sound.) I was so confused. Anyway, if people would like me to do some investigating into that specific outlet or if I can pinpoint what was causing this, let me know, otherwise I'll just let it go as a fluke occurrence.
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    I seem to be the only one who has successfully gotten a charge through the Touchstone while connected to a PC, so I'm starting a thread which can be found here if anyone would like to chime in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Bigs View Post
    What I don't like is if you put the phone to sleep on the touchstone you get a clock but not the state of the charging process,you have to unlock it.
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