Just got a call from the Sprint store where I have been on the "list" they have been keeping in a locked cabinet behind the desk. I will not be able to get my Pre until the 11th when I get back from vacation and he first asked if I still wanted to pick up my Pre on the 11th. Of course, they should have known that as I was in yesterday adding a new line to my account (needed a cheap voice only phone for someone, made sure I got it from the store that has promised to hold me a pre!) and again today to pick up a replacement rebate form for the new phone that I had misplaced and each time reiterated I would be in the 11th.

I said yes of course I wanted the pre and then came what I suspect was the real reason for the call: "Would I be wanting to buy any accessories when I pick up my Pre." He said they would not have the touchshtone or other acessories in stock but could order them so they would be here when I picked up my phone on the 11th. I told him I wanted a touchstone and a car-charger/adaptor if there was not one in the box. He said he would make sure I had them on the 11th.

We talked about Best Buy having the accessories and he said he would definatly be able to have the touchstone there for me but only if they ordered it. Did not sound like they were going to have them in the store on the 6th, otherwise he could have just held me back one like they are doing for the Pre itself. This may not be the case everywhere of course, but it jives with what I heard from the OTHER Sprint store in town that was worried about not having any accessories on launch day which upset the manager since "that is where all the money is." He noted that when the Instinct launched, they had no accessories for several weeks and lost all the business to Best Buy and others.

This is NOT a corporate store and I have read elsewhere that they make almost no money off of a phone sale but do make $$ off of the accessories, so it was pretty smart of him to call since if he did not have the touchstone in stock the day I picked up the phone, I would have tried to get it from Best Buy.

It was very clear he wanted to make the Touchstone sale. Well, I will buy it from this store happily! These guys have kept a list that they seem to be intending to honor and have been really good about telling me what they can so i want to give them my business.

This might be a strategy for those on some type of "list" at a Sprint store but worried about if they are really going to honor it -- see about ordering a touchstone for pickup on the 6th. If nothing else it might give you an opening to talk about availability of both the pre and accessories where you shop.