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    Amazon and Ebay have Pre snap on hard cases on sale for the Pre.

    But these cases were not well thought out. They cover the gesture area and I am not sure they will with touchstone.

    This is the type of case I intend to purchase for the Pre but I guess I will be waiting for another design
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    This Covertec universal case is the best case I've ever had. I think it'll fit the Pre too. I love the magnetically closing cover.
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    Not bad, but I am looking for something that lets me view the screen directly and also slide the keyboard while still in the case
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    Welcome John,

    We have a Pre Accessories forum.

    I'll move this thread over there.

    I think there are other threads on cases there also.

    Just call me Berd.
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    im pretty sure that when the pre is actually youll have allot more options to choose from

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