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    ya i guess if there is the matte finish then i really dont need it on the back, and it seems like everyone is saying that it wont mess up the touchscreen lets all still post how we think it works for the people who are thinking about getting one will have a idea for what they are in for. Also im not going to take chances in putting it on myself, i probably could, but at the mall they have those stands and the people will out them on there, also you can show off your pre the first week its out
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drnycallstar19 View Post
    it shouldnlt interfere at all..But I have heard that if for any reason u decide to take off the shield that it can mess up the touchscreen.
    I have an iPod Touch and recently took my Shield off, and it was fine without any problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iharley View Post
    I have an iPod Touch and recently took my Shield off, and it was fine without any problems.
    Why did you take the shield off? Something we should know about?
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    I like my shield on my touch. The thing I am most interested about is how well template matches the Pre. My 700p's was a little large, and pieces overlapped...and the Touch is a little small. It's no big deal to me and is still worth it.
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    I seriously doubt it'll have any effect; if anything, it may add more grip to the phone. Having used a few of their shields (iPods, phones, etc) I can say it not only protects the device without hiding it from sight but it also adds a nice grip to them.
    One tip: it looks best on black colored devices, as on white ones (like on iPods) the edges of the shield accumulate dust (due to the glue) and get dirty after a while.

    I ordered two, not sure when they're shipping them, though.
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    I have installed and taken IS off of my sisters iPhone 3G and let me tell you, it's an awesome product. I got the full body one because it will protect your Pre from scratches all around, pretty much keeping it looking like new. Taking it off does absolutely nothing to the touch screen. When installing and removing, it does easily pick up dust, so I would suggest doing it in a clean environment. I ordered my IS full body and just to save myself the hassle, I am going to go to a place that sells shields and pay them a couple of dollars to put it on. Yes, the back doesn't NEED a shield, but it will keep it from getting scratched up. Also the shield is thin, therefore should not interfere with the inductive charging. In terms of adding grip, the gentleman before me was right, it adds some grip which is great in my opinion as I can be a bit clumsy and has saved my tail once or twice with other phones.
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    I think basic logic will tell you that putting something between your finger and the screen will reduce the sensitivity of the screen...however small it might be.
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    I ordered one IS on the 50% off memorial day sale.
    Im in the heating and air conditioning business and my current phone has seen a lot of abuse. Crawling under homes through dirt/rocks, attics, drops, bangs, scratches, ect.
    So I thought I need something. My current phone looks like its been to war and back, still works fine though. (samsung T-509)
    I'll let you know how it goes.
    Probably gonna get a rubber sleeve case too if it fits well.
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    I'd like to know how the "tackiness" affects the finger gestures. Does it grab or can you slide your finger smoothly?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MSB View Post
    I'd like to know how the "tackiness" affects the finger gestures. Does it grab or can you slide your finger smoothly?
    I have it on my iPod Touch and it works fine. The thing with the tackiness is that it's definitely more grippy than without or with an anti-glare screen protector. Another problem with it is that it produces a bad glare. I'm thinking of getting the full body and an anti-glare screen protector while selling the front Invisible Shield.
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