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    Coming over from a Blackberry, one really nice feature of the BB OS is the ability to disable/enable specific bluetooth profiles (like hands-free, A2DP, A/V Control, etc). Since bluetooth has SOOO many different profiles nowadays, its nice to be able to disable some of them on the phone itself that you dont want it using with specific devices. Seems kinda foolish & generic to have a "Bluetooth On/Off" all or nothing switch when there are so many different uses. Its not like WiFi.

    For instance, I use my BB with a Motorola bluetooth car kit to play music through stereo bluetooth to my car's speaker system, but DO NOT want to use the handsfree feature that the Moto adapter is also capable of (personal preference of mine). So I can disable that profile on the phone itself so my Moto adapter doesnt try to connect me through it & route all my calls to the adapter instead of the phone itself. There are many other uses as well, but thats just an example. It has a lot of corporate uses as well.

    I wonder if webOS has anything like that?

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    I am very interested on this too, hope more details about BB with a Motorola bluetooth car kit to play music.
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    Out of the box, Pre has no such options (apparently), let alone the ability to do anything but to connect to headsets. If it does, I cannot find them.

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    any update on this ability. I really would like to be able to disable certain services as well.
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    I just wish we had the services to disable. the bt profiles on the pre are ridiculous.
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    I have the same issue. I want to use the built in bluetooth phone profile in my car but the motorola audio profile for music. It is normal to be able to select which profile you want to connect to which device.
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    Is it silly to think that disabling the other profiles might make A2DP sound quality better because of more bandwidth?

    Count me in for wanting a feature like this... I only use A2DP.
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    Anyone find information on disabling certain bluetooth features? My Pre changes the source on my Clarion due to it attaching the BT Audio as a source. The Clarion unit does not have the option to disable the BT Audio.

    My Palm 700WX used to be able to allow which services to have active. If I could do the same on the Pre I could disable the A2DP and not have the radio change source when paired.
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    I have the same problem. I want A2DP in the truck and Phone to a headset. There should be a way to assign a profile for each device.
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    Add me to the list of disappointed users that would like to be able to choose which bluetooth profile enable on my Pre. I'm using a Pre and an Android phone connected to a bluetooth earset but i would like to use the android phone for music reproduction... My earset can support two phones connected in telephone mode but only one A2DP device connected... unfortunately the Pre always connect to the earset with A2DP profile before the Android (i don't know why) and does not let Android to play music.

    Hope to find a solution soon...

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    I took up this topic again during my commute musings. I came home to do some light Googling for solutions to the problem of selectively pairing/using some (but not all) the functions provided by a specific bluetooth device.

    Closest thing that I was able to find is some mention in iPhoney-land about an app-or-something that allows the ability to turn off certain profiles. It is currently coming up as the first hit under "bluetooth profile selector"

    The blog there lists a procedure for disabling A2DP features in iPhoney-OS3

    Open the in your PLIST editor and make sure you edit the A2DPService section and store the devices you dont want to use A2DP in the UnauthorizeList (without the letter d).
    I don't have the Pre handy with me to go spelunking where similar information might be kept, but this might an avenue to bark up to get some functionality like it is expressed in this thread.

    Any thoughts? .... Anyone?
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