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    I just received a brochure from Sprint called Sprint Premier connection which is a 16 page brochure highlighting sprints products and the perks of a Premier customer. As you can imagine, several pages are dedicated to the Pre but what really caught my attention is a new product by a company called Solio, which apparently is a solar powered charged kinda like the touchstone. If any one else has received this brochure check out pg 8 you will see it right there under our beautiful Pre. Has anyone heard of this new solar powered charger? Should I axe the touchstone and get this? Let me know!

    Here is the website
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    Solio actually is not new, been around a while. I am sure a google search will bring up some info.
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    I mentioned it in this thread. They don't work too well so I wouldn't get one just yet. Let the technology catch up a bit.
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    Sorry Timmy, SERO does not work with the Pre.
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    Well no one really knows what Palm has in store for the Touchstone. It may prove to be more than just a charger and worth it to invest in the Touchstone.

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