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    Looking for a leather case for the pre that goes around the edges and back so the face is visible. Belt clip would be nice.

    Any ideas?
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    that was awesome, what did you make that with?
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    You think he made that? Check this out: Let me google that for you
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    Already researched the obvious, but thought I may have missed a Palm site.
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    I just received the "Palm Leather Side Case for Pre" from precentral store.

    It is a Treo case and looks exactly like the picture. I'm returning it since the Pre is smaller than Treo and will rattle around in this case.

    I assumed it was the same as the case pictured on the Palm web site, but that was not the case.

    The Store has it listed as a "Universal" case.

    It is NOT a Pre case!
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    Well got my palm pre cases today, I got a clear one and a rubberized one. And from the size of the cases I think the phone itself will feel nice.Unfortunately since I dont have 10 posts yet it wont let me post a link or upload a pic here
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    Many times people are fully aware of how to Google for something but prefer asking people with a shared interest where THEY found something that they like. I tend to trust people's first-hand advice over what a search engine shows me.
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    Cool cool where did you buy these from?
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    Oh man I just LOL'd when I saw these cases on Amazon: Black Rubber Feel Snap-On Cover Hard Case Cell Phone Protector for Palm PRE: Cell Phones & Service

    Notice the bottom "gesture" area? How the heck would you access that if the case covers it LOL

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