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    Invisible Shield is a great product, I have one on every one of my gadgets - cameras, GPS, phones, PMP. I'm not nuts about the full body cover on every device, but definitely a must for the screen.

    Thanks much for the discount code!
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    I chatted with them today. They stated that they are waiting to receive a Pre demo so they can design the cover. It may be mid-June or later before they have anything to ship.
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    hm idk if i should order this what about if the pre brings its own screen protector i know my htc touch pro did
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    I just ordered one tonight, kinda hesitant about it. Should I be?
    Also, no status for even possible shipment date. Should we expect shipments when the Pre is released or does anyone think it would be later?
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    yeah i just ordered mine a min ago , i was a little hesitant too i wonder if the screen protector would just be the screen or the whole front of the phone
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    I'd bet that shipments will be a while after release. As I mentioned, I emailed to see if it was covering the gesture area or not, and the response was that they don't have a demo unit to design the product for yet, so they're not sure.
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    Jusr ordered mine. Glad I stumbled on to this thread. Thanks.
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    Great find guys. $12 plus shipping. Wow!!
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    Just ordered mine. Bought the full body one. $15 dollars shipped.

    Does that one cover the back too?
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