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    I am still using the pouch, had the Pre for 3 weeks now.... still looking for a suitable case
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    I use mine exclusively. I got really freaked out the other day because my 2 yr old walked off with it, and it was no where to be found. Took me about 20 minutes to find it though....
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    Quote Originally Posted by bjshedwick View Post
    I use mine exclusively.
    Me too. Mine also doubles as a wallet.
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    My sprint mifi fits in it perfectly
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    Until I get a good case I will use the pouch.
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    I generally use my Pre in office conditions, so i don't use a hard case and have no screen shield installed (I haven't tried them on the pre, but have had bad experiences with them on other touch screens). I don't want to belt carry, and don't want a *ahem* bulge in my left front pocket, so I put the Pre there by itself in the sleeping bag.
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