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    I hear the Jawbone is amazing for mono audio, but what's nice about A2DP is that it works with stereo audio as well- I have the Plantronics 855 just waiting for a pre - - PLANTRONICS Voyager855 Stereo Bluetooth Headset - Bluetooth Cell Phone Accessories

    You can take off the second earpiece as well, if you just want mono.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EeZeEpEe View Post
    Thanks for the recommendation. I actually go high end a lot of times. I had a pair of Etymotic ER-6i earphones. They were great until the wire went bad at the plug side.

    One thing I notice here in NYC is how some people still have it on while underground in the subway. Yes there are some stations that are relatively close to the surface where you can get signal. But honestly people look dumb wearing a headset in places where you can't get service.
    Etiquette suggestions aside, if I'm travelling around, I am not going to be taking the headset off and on as I travel through other people's perceived notion of where it is not appropriate to be blue toothing. It is a convenience device. If I want access to my phone calls quickly, the headset is on (as my hands are normally otherwise occupied). Fishing around my purse for my phone before it goes to v-mail and possibly answering/hanging up by pushing the wrong button is not worth the effort - who cares what others think.

    If I start having a face to face conversation with others, I do prefer to take it off as a courtesy but that is just a choice of mine and I do not mind if others choose not to.

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    I just bought a Jawbone 2 and then found out they are releasing a Jawbone Prime. Pricewise, I think I still got a better deal. This may be overkill from a performance standpoint, but they're also WAY more stylish than everyone else.

    They've had some comfort problems for some (which is why they only get 3 stars on Amazon), but apparently this is less of a problem for Jawbone 2.

    In addition, I'll need a LOUD stereo pair to take advantage of A2DP. I'm torn between wired and wireless because even the good wireless/BT ones need a wire to connect to the rechargeable battery and controls. Wired seems better for sound quality at least in my tests.

    I need the mono for work and the stereo for blading/biking and the gym. Couldn't use stereo at work as some have suggested. I also need LOUD so most bluetooth mono/stereo sets are OUT.
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    I use a plantronics voyager pro. Pretty happy with it.
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    Looking to buy the Jawbone Prime. Any current owner reviews?

    I currently have the first Jawbone. Love the electronic design (sound, noise cancellation etc), but the mechanical engineer messed up. Within less than a year, I broke off all 4 ear-hooks at its base, and broke off the base itself on the 3rd hook, which i had to glue in place. Now I have no more ear-hooks available, so I am left with using my finger in order to keep it in my ear.

    I think my habit of taking the thing off my ear when not in use, and placing it in my front pocket manhandled it too many times until they all broke. But, I was concern with RF radiation, and even though the BT has a tenth of RF power than the phone itself, you know, I wanted to minimize exposure.

    Still, I am looking for a better mechanical BT, better fit as well, and still the great sound and noise cancellation as the first Jawbone.
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    Has anyone tried the motorola s705 with the pre? I here that thing gives you 330ft of range. Please let me know. Thanks
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    BlueAnt V1 and Jawbone II work well with the Pre. To bad there is no voicedial.
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