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    Nice to hear about the Bluetooth integration with the cars . I am 100% certain that it will synch with the car.
    I`m impressed.
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    Problems with Infiniti/Nissan BT systems... Phone is not completely compatible: pairs off, connects and reconnects fine, displays caller ID, not transferring phone book, call quality is horrible with a lot of static. returned me Pre because of that...

    below is the link with some interesting info...
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    Quote Originally Posted by hova View Post
    JINX! loll I posted the below message in another thread

    Palm PRE and Pioneer DEH-P7000BT CD Receiver


    I have the pioneer DEH-P7000BT installed in my car. pairing with the PRE was a breeze. This phone was the perfect addition to my car. I downloaded my phone book into the car stereo, the phone works perfect. Call comes in, and I can pick up with the phone or just push a button on the stereo to pick up.

    Wireless audio works like a gem too. I was streaming pandora on my way to the gym. You can change the panodra station right from the stereo too.(as well as the standard music player on the PRE)

    But here is the best part of PRE to me(in addition to multitasking...blah, blah, blah lol)
    I was on my way to walmart and I decided to try the sprint navigation on the PRE out. While getting sprint navigation directions to walmart (direction are played over the car stereo speakers) I was streaming panodra. Everytime the navigation would have to give directions to say "Make a right turn on ....." it would'nt completely cut off the pandora music. It simply raises the audio level of the navigation while still playing the pandora music in the background. As soon as the navigation is finished it raises back up the audio level of the panodra music without skipping a beat. This phone is too SWEET!
    I have this exact same head unit.......
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    I was able to sync the contacts with my car. Some contacts did not show up on the car contact list at first, but I managed to figure out it was only the contacts that had multiple profiles (google + palm, etc). Once you unlink them, the car will recognize the contacts. I still am unable to get the speed dial contacts to show up. I tried using the Quick Dialer program from Homebrew Apps, but it didn't seem to work. Anyone have a solution for that?
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    How did you sync contacts with your car? My car (Prius) tells me to send contacts from the phone, but on the Pre I can't find any such command.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alsdweoir View Post
    The Pre does seem to work very well with my 2009 Ford Fusion, but sometimes, when I leave the car, the Pre says stuck on the bluetooth as if it's still connected to the car.

    What I've been doing is just turning off the bluetooth altogether after leaving the car, but there are two problems with that. First, it's inconvenient and takes like 30 to 60 seconds for the Pre to shut down the bluetooth. Second, it seems like I have trouble reconnecting to the car sometimes after turning the bluetooth back on.

    Anyone else have this issue?
    This is still just a work-around, but when leaving your car you can press the 'speaker phone' button on the Pre's phone application and you will be given the option to select Bluetooth, speaker phone, or just the phone so you may continue your call outside of your car--it works VERY fast. Just a thought.
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    Check out the webOS 1.2 update that came out today and improves Bluetooth integration in many ways. More info is on the Palm support pages.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lordbah View Post
    How did you sync contacts with your car? My car (Prius) tells me to send contacts from the phone, but on the Pre I can't find any such command.
    The Contacts app in WebOS 1.2 now has a "Send All To Car Kit" command in the menu.
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    My pairing issues are fixed!! Hooray!
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    2006 BMW 750Li. Bluetooth pairing successful. Phone book won't transfer (didn't transfer with 755p either). Speed dials won't transfer either (did transfer with 755p). Even with 1.2 installed, phone says can't connect when instructed to push the info. Help?
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    Be careful with testing while driving. TWD is now illegal in Illinois. Not judging, just making a statement because the price of ticket is an incredible fine the first time and loss of driver's license the second!
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    Quote Originally Posted by samkim View Post
    The Contacts app in WebOS 1.2 now has a "Send All To Car Kit" command in the menu.
    Is it really a send ALL to car kit, or a send ONE AT A TIME to car kit? Some guys over in the palm forums are saying they've only been able to transfer contacts to a Pioneer AVICD3 one at a time (granted...the AVIC is a really crappy unit with a ton of Bluetooth mistakes in their add-on for that...). But would be nice to know one doesn't have to transfer contacts to a car kit ONE AT A TIME!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveInFL View Post
    There has been little to no discussion of the Pre's ability to sync to car bluetooth systems. I really haven't seen too many of the videos but since there has been a major lack of discussion on this I can assume that there really hasn't been any info coming from Palm on this.

    I am hoping that they at least provide a way of filtering what contacts get transferred to the car. For the 800w there is not inbuilt way of filtering which contacts make it over to the car phone book, so if you have a lot of contacts you'll quickly run out of space in the car.

    DaveInFL, you got to be kidding me. Take a look around this Palm Pre Bluetooth forum. Every other post is about a car stereo. You know what works and what does not work. CD players, Navigation systems, phone books and A2DP. Just take a look around.

    By the way, here is a post from me a few weeks back and an update for the new WebOS at the bottom.

    AVIC-Z110BT software version 1.00 right out of the box
    Palm Pre Web OS 1.1.0 and Firmware version CC1.2(334)

    I've been using the Palm Pre with the Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT in dash AM/FM CD/DVD navigation system for the past couple weeks and I must say that the two are wonderfully compatible through bluetooth hands free and bluetooth audio.

    When I first paired the phone to the headunit I did a search from the
    headunit. It found the Palm Pre and the phone asked me to put in the
    password. I entered 1111 and within a moment the two were paired. After
    another moment on the phone a message popped up saying that the Pioneer
    Navi system would like access to the contact list. Allow or disallow? I
    allowed this to happen and the phone book transferred to the AVIC-Z110BT.
    Just like that. One note on phone book transfer - in my system the phone
    book transferred backwards. Or first name last and last name first. If
    this does not work for you, it's an easy fix, just go to the contact list
    in the Pre and change the name display order and it will transfer the way
    you like it.

    The Palm Pre and the Pioneer AVIC-Z110 auto reconnect every time I get back into and start my car.

    So far in my experience voice dialing any name in the phone book works
    beautifully. It's very intuitive and easy to use. Of course microphone
    placement is critical for good performance. I put my microphone on the
    headliner right by the rear view mirror. This way both the driver and front
    seat passenger can be part of the conversation if needed. The people on
    the remote end of the phone call have told me the sound quality is
    excellent, and that certainly is the case in my car. The Palm Pre also has
    a cancel blue tooth button when you are on a call so that you can go to a
    private call at the touch of a button. When a call is completed, the
    system goes back to the music source, no matter what the source, in a
    matter of a couple of seconds.

    Additionally, both the Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT and the Palm Pre support the
    bluetooth profiles A2DP and AVRCP. These profiles allow the user to stream
    bluetooth audio from the phone to the headunit. I was not sold on this
    idea at first, but with some experimentation, I love it. First, the Palm
    Pre has internal memory where you can store audio files, just the same as
    any portable music player. When you play music from the Pre and it is
    connected to the AVIC-Z110 through bluetooth, you can select Bluetooth
    Audio as the source on the AVIC-Z110BT and you are listening to your music
    collection from your phone. No wires needed. Any playlist you have in your phone applies.
    Since both of these devices support AVRCP, you can play, pause, skip
    forward or back using the AVIC-Z110BT. No need to touch the phone at all.
    One note, with my phone, you need to use the hard keys on the front of the
    AVIC-Z110BT to skip forward and back between songs on the phone.

    But, just playing songs I have stored on my phone is not enough, I want to
    stream songs from Pandora Internet radio, through my Palm Pre and to my
    AVIC-Z110BT. Just start the Pandora application on the Pre select your
    personal radio station and hit play. Select Bluetooth Audio as your source
    on the AVIC-Z110BT and you are in business. It's that simple and it works
    great. You can skip forward a song but not backward when streaming songs
    from Pandora. That's a limitation to Pandora, not the phone or the
    headunit. Remember to use the hard keys on the face of the Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT.

    One note on audio quality when using the Bluetooth Audio source. The
    recording quality of the original file, either on the phone or streamed
    over the internet, is critical to overall sound quality. Or, as the saying
    goes, "garbage in, garbage out". On the Palm Pre, the volume button on the
    phone plays a big part in audio quality for the system. When using two
    audio devices in conjunction like this, you have to use one as a source and
    the second as a gain control for a preamp. For me, turning the volume on
    the Pre up to near but not all the way to the max, gives me the best audio
    quality for the system. You should experiment with your system for best
    results. By the way, this applies to phone calls as well as BT Audio. Use the volume control on the phone to find the sweet spot.

    At first, I was not able to get the two to connect under the BT Audio
    source. Then I discovered and import step that I missed. When the phone is
    first registered with the AVIC-Z110BT, I selected hands free only instead
    of BT Audio and Hands Free. Once I went back to the registration screen on
    the Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT and selected both BT Audio and Hands Free, I was in business.

    What happens when you get a call while you are listening to a song from Pandora and streaming through the BT Audio source? Exactly what should happen. When the phone rings, the song goes on pause, and you can answer the call in hands free mode, just as though you were listening to Sirius/XM or a CD. When the call is complete, press the red hang up button and the music from Pandora comes right back where it left off. In coming or outgoing calls make no difference. These two system work great together, and I can not recommend them highly enough.

    By the way, I have had no trouble getting the Palm Pre and the Pioneer X series products to pair and voice dial. They seem to work great too. Though, I don't have as much experience with the X products as I do with the Z110BT.

    The Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT and the Palm Pre. This is a match made in
    electronic heaven.

    WebOS 1.2.1 update with the Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT. It still works great. Voice dialing by contacts or by phone number is great. A2DP audio streaming from either Pandora or internal memory is great. Auto connect is great. I'm not sure but it might work better than it did before the Web OS update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by minhaferzz View Post
    Volvo C30: Connects perfectly and shows the signal. Phone book syncs and I am able to see the contacts in the car. Moments later the phone book in the car is empty.

    Not sure if the problem is my car or the phone.
    I had the same issue with my C30. After updating the phone to 1.2 the problem went away. Now it loads the address book perfectly every time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by urquel View Post
    I had the same issue with my C30. After updating the phone to 1.2 the problem went away. Now it loads the address book perfectly every time.
    Do you have any problems with 1.2.1? 1.2 worked perfectly for me, but broke all the fixes and won't copy my contacts or call logs over to my C30. Frustrating!
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    Quote Originally Posted by minhaferzz View Post
    Do you have any problems with 1.2.1? 1.2 worked perfectly for me, but broke all the fixes and won't copy my contacts or call logs over to my C30. Frustrating!
    Yes, I am on 1.2.1 and have no problem. You might try deleting the connection and re-establishing from scratch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by urquel View Post
    Yes, I am on 1.2.1 and have no problem. You might try deleting the connection and re-establishing from scratch.
    Are you using homebrew? I had a feeling something involving homebrew was causing my bluetooth problems so i did a hard reset and voila! Bluetooth is working perfectly now. Not sure if it's the actually process of getting homebrew on the device or a homebrew app that I installed that caused all the problems.
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    I'm having issues in the volvo c30 as well. My phone connects fine, but the address book won't sync over automatically. If I manually tell it to copy, its fine, but I have to do this every time I start the car I also don't get the recent call lists. I have 1.3.1 on my pre. Anyone else having this issue?
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    MB SLK R171 2005 with UHI (MB Code 386) and Bluetooth Cradle from MB: German GSM Palm Pre with 1.3.1 pairs and works perfect with car system and COMAND. Whole Pre Contacs available in car system after a short while.
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    2010 Mitsubishi Outlander GT w/Rockford-Fosgate stereo & Mitsubishi FUSE voice control:

    - Phone operations: No problems. The Outlander has multiple mics in the front row so audio pickup is good; call clarity on the other end was reported as very good with minimal echo.
    - Import of contacts form Pre to stereo: Mass import: No problem; can be done via voice control. I have not tried to import an individual contact. As the Pre's contacts are aggregated via Synergy what the Outlander gets is all contacts from Synergized sources.
    - Voice dialing: No problems. The RF recognizes names from the internal contact list and not the phone so it works only for imported/manually entered contacts. When multiple numbers exist (home, work, mobile) it asks which you want to dial.
    - Streaming Pandora over BT: No problems. I tried it on the test drive and blew away the salesman.
    - Info displayed: Battery level, signal strength.

    - As contacts must be manually imported from the Pre to the stereo, I'll have to remember to either update periodically or after any contact update. A minor hassle; some form of automated sync would be better.
    - I have not tried it with Telenav since my Outlander already has navi. I also haven't tried it in USB mode or FTM actual audio streaming from the Pre's music player although I can't see those not working.
    - Fushigi
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