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    Literally. Perhaps Seidio can comment.

    How do you make one or several cases and holsters and hip-clips for

    a) a device that doesn't exist yet, and
    b) opens in a curving fashion?

    There was never a great protective solution for Tungsten T, T2, and T3, in my recollection.

    But this is important. I could not buy any device without having it safely clipped to my belt buckle ready for use at my fingertips.
    -- Josh
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    Good question. I was thinking of this the other day. My phone is always on my waist. Treo 60, 650, 700P, and centro. Always had a case. would love to see what the Pre's case might look like.

    Also - I've never owned a slider phone. Maybe we can get some forum memebrs who had a slider to givce some details on cases / protection thye have use for there phones
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    Well, the Pre's dimensions are known, so that helps.
    I want a case that has a belt clip, even with a case, I would never put my phone in my pocket.
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    Well, a slip-type case and a holster-style case wouldn't be difficult. I assume they'd just slip/snap in with the phone closed. Skin-type protectors may be more difficult/impossible, as well as cases that stay on the phone.

    I'm not too familiar with sliders, so I'd be interested to how those with slider phones protect them. Of course, since there are no Treo sliders, then we may need to look outside this forum!
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    I think I read either in this forum, or another. a case could simply have two parts. One for he top (screen section), and another for the back. the problem would be, would you then have to remove the case to use the touchstone charger? Also if I had a slip case (i.e. the one on palms site now) I would have no problem putting the phone in my pocket, as I have found the my phones get far more damage while on my hip.
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    I usually need a case as well, but if the Pre is small enough, I think I will mostly stick with putting it in a pocket (by itself). I'm getting to where I don't like something hanging off my side all the time. However, I will still get a case for those times when it would be handy, in which event, it better be sturdy and versatile.

    (Like anyone really cares what my case preferences are ...)
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    It goes in the pocket like all past phones Can't stand cases..
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    Any one knows whatever happened to PROCLIP? I have now a Treo 650 with a Proclip slip case, the best thing ever, it protects the screen since I have to clip it face down (into the case). Proclip is only making clips for cars now?! I love how i can quickly slip the unit in and out with one hand, and still jog, run and jump with the unit still in place. It looks sleek, really no added bulk. For extra proteccion I added to the Treo unit the e-Grip, (sticky stuff to it), which it prevented the unit from slipping or sliding off my hands, a desk or any other surface for that matter.

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