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    I had brought this up before, but noone really responded to it. In this video the lady says that you can stick the touchstone on your dashboard...well that would be great for speaker phone calls in the car, or, if Sprint Navi is included with the phone, it would be great to mount the phone onto your dashboard that way to use the navi while charging the phone at the same time.

    At around 4:40 in the video is when she makes the dashboard comment.

    My guess is that, since we have seen the touchstone in other videos without any wires hanging out of it, it probably has a micro usb port in the back into which you plug a cable that will either go straight to a wall outlet, or another cable that will connect the touchstone to a car charger via micro usb...or is it mini usb? Either way, you get the idea.

    I noticed how she avoided the question of battery life...just like in all the other videos, and I also noticed that she too types in and searches for that damn Blueman group. Is that the only website that works, or do they use that because it's a good example of how the universal search works, since that way they can cover "bluetooth", "blueman group" and the dude with the last name starting with "blu" in the contacts.

    Oh and she says "super" one too many times! lol
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    There's another video that says the Touchstone has gecko feet, so I guess we'll be able to put it anywhere. Of course, the dashboard presents such interesting possibilities for an inverted Palm logo imprint on my forehead after the accident.
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    Well it wasn't about the gecko feet for me really.....that can be duplicated with double sided tape or's about the connection of the touchstone to the car, meaning that it's designed to work with the car charger AND a wall outlet in your house.
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    Much like Apples design, the one cable will be used and plugged (via USB) into either a wall charger, computer, or vehicle power adapter.

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    Notice that button on the end of the USB cable that looks reminiscent of a Hotsync button....
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    There's already been a thread about this. For reasons a little beyond my understanding, inductive charging needs AC power, so there would need to be a specific cable with a converter in order to get a car Touchstone.

    And the button isn't actually a button but decorative.
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    I was just saying...Palm would tease us with a 'decorative' button that would cause some scoffing at an age-old feature we mostly liked...just saying!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BMIC50 View Post
    I was just saying...Palm would tease us with a 'decorative' button that would cause some scoffing at an age-old feature we mostly liked...just saying!
    The Treo Pro has that same charging cable with the same 'button':

    Its been said by Treo Pro users that its not actually a button.
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    Thanks for the pictures...that clarifies things a lot. Where did you find those, on Palms site?

    Sorry if there was a thread about it already, I must have missed it. I did ask about it in another thread but didn't get a clear answer, so when I found the video again with that woman mentioning the dashboard, thing, I figured I'd start this one.

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