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    The big deal with touchstone is the fact that this technology is something that will be widely accepted in a variety of places. This is not just a "Palm" thing, but an industry thing that is starting to happen; palm just managed to release a mainstream device with it first.

    Think of it this way, and this is a brilliant move by palm, business people travel a lot. When they go on airline flights or to a hotel, instead of having to have your own charger, and looking for a plug in a hotel room that you're not familiar with, you just put your phone on the designated charging areas. Airlines plan to have this technology on the plan, and hotels will have them on the nightstand. People who travel put their phone on the nightstand anyways, why not have it charge as well?

    This feature is probably intended for the business also wows some people because it's new.
    Actually I can't remember the name, but there's been a magenetic inductive pad out that can charge up to 3 devices at once. Though Palms is much more stylish.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SedahDrol View Post
    Unfortunately in order for TouchStone to produce an oscillating magnetic field necessary to induce current you need AC power or dc + a moving part ( like an inverter circuit or as mentioned above something similar to an ignition coil).
    I am sure that even I could design a DC powered oscilator circuit to do the job.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SedahDrol View Post
    Actually I can't remember the name, but there's been a magenetic inductive pad out that can charge up to 3 devices at once.
    The Powermat, although the devices themselves need to be Powermat-compatible.

    Recharging by induction is pretty old. Braun toothbrushes have recharged this way for at least 15 years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SedahDrol View Post
    most inverters have moving parts. But if they build in an inverter, it would probably be just cheaper to by one and use the regular touchstone.
    Maybe OLD inverters did .. newer inverters do not. Electronics..
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    I'm not sure how this can be true. The Touchstone doesn't take AC power directly, and works with an adapter other than the Palm one (Kindle 2 adapter works).

    I will say none of my USB car chargers have worked with the Touchstone, though.
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    Figured I'd point you to this thread:
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    CannonFodder, I was just about to post that link!

    SedahDrol - In reference to your post about 12V DC not working for the touchstone, how does the setup in the link work without a DC/AC inverter? He is using a regular Sprint car charger.

    I am asking because I have tried a few 12V>USB chargers that say they output 1 amp (with the palm USB cable), but none of them will power the touchstone. So far the only solution that has worked for me is to use an inverter.

    I need some insight into why a charger that rates the 5V/1amp won't power the touchstone. Your thoughts...
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    The monoprice ac adapter and car charger which are both rated at 1 amp won't power the Touchstone. They do recharge the Pre.

    I think the ratings on these are bogus.
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    There is no need to keep discussing this ac/dc stuff. I purchased the palm branded car charger and it works perfectly with the touchstone.
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