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    Just posted this over at

    There seems to be some site activity at user to user support.
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    Sqreem Home

    Not seeing a connection to TCL at first... interesting.
  3.    #3 user to user support.
  4.    #4 has a blank black page now and looks like its built with wix user to user support.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Preemptive View Post
    Not seeing a connection to TCL at first... interesting.
    This article outs a lot of details:

    I actually think they nailed a use case -- for me, I got back into webOS out of a desire to have a secondary, "weekend" phone. One where I could get email and post the occasional picture to Facebook (can't do that from my Pre+) but work wouldn't follow me around. The biggest pain of it is swapping SIM cards. With the model Verizon is trying out, you won't need to -- your secondary Palm phone shares a number with your primary. Great idea, too bad its on Verizon.

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