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    Is anyone tracking possibly including the Purism Librem 5 as a potential supported phone for LuneOS?
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    I've heard of the company. They make open Linux laptops. It's the first I've heard about a phone.

    I think most 'possible' hardware projects are listed here:

    I don't know what that chip is, but the rest of the specs look sufficient. I see that stuff like 'camera' remains undefined. $600, 5% funded...

    Well, I guess they've already brought products to market, so it's not impossible. Puzzle phone seem quiet. Fairphone have brought a second model to market.

    It would be nice to see these groups pool their strengths, but perhaps modular, ethically-sourced and open hardware is asking too much at the moment.

    What about the Librem 11 as a tablet option?

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