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    I got bored, in like march, so sorry I haven't shared it for that long. I basically designed the OS around the core functions of webOS. Everything is a card, and to close it, you swipe it off of any of the screen edges. The OS is also designed to detect your devices via TTS and connect with bluetooth while also charging them. You can also instantly send anything to them, as they are connect via "Threads" That have certain options on them. It is also supposed to have Leap Motion built in, because it's difficult to reach some areas of the display. I think that this would work great on a large desktop computer, if they can figure out magnetic glass to secure the devices to it to sync. Or maybe in the for of a MS Surface like tablet. Unfortunately, all the pictures that I have taken are too large, so here is a link to a dropbox folder:
    HP Think Beyond event link
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    Uhm, Dropbox says It can't find the page i'm looking for ...
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    Here, I guess it was just broken or something
    HP Think Beyond event link
    If You Have A WindsorNot Hit Me Up

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