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    On the Nokia N8, you could get a plug in DAB radio accessory.

    It's always been slightly annoying to me that 'dumb' feature phones often come with FM tuners, but smart phones generally don't. I was wondering idly if this device could be made to work with webOS.

    The general specs are micro USB 2.0 with OTG functionality. I think the hardware and some homebrew efforts enable this on webOS already.

    There's an app available here:
    EDIT: Downloaded. It's a .sis file, 830KB. unreadable in my text editor.

    So I think I can pick up this device at a reasonable price, but the tricky bits are:
    1. How much 'work' is done by the app to decode the DAB stream or is this on the hardware? i.e. How much coding work is it?
    2. Would it be easy to look at the (Symbian) code?
    3. Would it be easy to modify it for webOS?
    4. Any other pitfalls?

    The main problem here is that I'm not a coder, so much more than altering the line, "REM: This is a Symbian App", to, "REM: This is a webOS app" is likely beyond me.

    But anyway, if anyone has any thoughts, chip in and of course if anyone is actually interested in having a go, get in touch. If it could work, it would be a cheap radio, portable & connectable by 3.5" jack to external speakers. You might need a long cable as this uses the headphone cable as the aerial.
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    Symbian - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia my guess is that this app for a bit of Nokia hardware is written in C++ / Qt

    Probably a total rewrite for webOS then... and likely a non-starter?

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