View Poll Results: What Hopes for New webOS Hardware?

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  • HP reverses their position and releases webOS devices again

    14 12.84%
  • LG capitalizes on their new OS purchase and redesigns the OS around brand new hardware

    47 43.12%
  • LG tests the waters by making a version of webOS that can be flashed to the Nexus 4

    31 28.44%
  • WebOS Ports succeeds in their efforts and Open webOS runs on Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7

    61 55.96%
  • A major OEM uses Open webOS as a base for a new line of devices

    24 22.02%
  • A Chinese "me too" factory uses Open webOS with their own drivers to offer webOS powered devices

    31 28.44%
  • PIC (or someone) skins the webOS UI on top of Android

    21 19.27%
  • Something else the OP didn't think of

    20 18.35%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    10 days into the polling... 60 voters with 145 votes. 2.42 votes per participant... another very slight decline in vote ratio...

    WebOS Ports succeeds... Open webOS runs on Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7... 37 votes. Nearly 62 % of respondents... Faith in Internals Ports team continues to inch higher.

    LG... redesigns the OS around new hardware... 26 votes. Nearly 44% of respondents. The clear #2 choice???

    A Chinese "me too" factory uses Open webOS... 20 votes. Exactly one third of respondents at 33.33%. Jumping up from the #4 spot to #3.

    LG tests the waters... webOS... flashed to the Nexus 4... 16 votes. Only gaining 1 vote since last check, but still over one quarter of respondents at nearly 27%.

    PIC... skins the webOS Ui on top of Android... 14 votes. Climbing a bit higher and nearing one quarter of respondents with slightly over 23%.

    A major OEM uses Open webOS... 13 votes. A gain of one vote, but falling further in the percentages to just under 22%.

    Something else RumoredNow didn't think of... 11 votes. Still just over 18% of respondents. Still waiting to hear what I might have missed...

    HP... releases webOS devices again... 8 votes. Falling to under 14% of respondents. I'd like to hear reasons why anyone thinks this would happen...

    Also mentioned but with no official write in votes:

    Former Palm/HP executives and engineers form a new company to produce hardware based on Open webOS... 0 votes. Still no votes.

    PIC produces new hardware dedicated to webOS... 0 votes. Still no votes.
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    <posts moved>

    Members - please stay on-topic. This thread isn't to campaign for another OS or device on another OS. It also isn't our 'goodbye/venting' thread. Thank you!
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    I like the idea of another company picking up where Palm left off (along with some of what HP attempted to do). Maybe a private investor could take this proposition to a company. I had a wild-*** idea a bit ago. How many loyal WebOS fans are there out there? Thousands? Tens of thousands? Possibly hundred of thousands? Raise capital on that web-site. Present that to said investor. Yes, it would be pennies to his/her/its/their millions of dollars and cents. Even so, it could prove that we are serious. Maybe even be used to collectively buy some stock in start-up. Hey, call me crazy, it could happen.

    While I'm out here, I have a question to throw out. Does anyone know if it's possible to take some of the innards out of a higher version phone -- such as a 4G -- and install it into a lesser phone -- like maybe an abandoned Pre 3? Would it be impossible because of the whatever-board in it? Aside from the memory issue, the only other thing that I would kill to have on my P3 would be 4G. Again, call me crazy.
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    You're crazy. Lol

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    I don't expect anything from LG before June, 2014 at least. Open webOS development seems to be/have been too slow, I don't know if it matches actual standards but I don't think so. My perspectives are now adressed to Ubuntu Touch, probably my next OS.
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    I voted "something I didn't think off" because the only possible option that I can think off right now, is that

    LG provides the drivers for one of its own android phones and helps to port Open WebOS to it, allowing us to flash it on that hardware.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RumoredNow View Post
    Which of the poll choices do you hold out hope for? Vote for as many as you like...

    Discuss the pros and cons of each.

    Rank the choices with odds... (might be a fun game.)

    Please, let's remain civil. These are akin to daydreams at this point. No need to belittle the dreamer while we have a discussion of the merits.
    Voted for something I didn't think of, as the only chance of any significant new webOS hardware will likely depend on something completely off the map as of right now.

    Our best hope is some current alliance between industry titans breaking down, and one of the parties looking to go elsewhere for an OS. But that party would have to have something more that just the 'bestest OS in mobile tech' to break through.

    I know the open source OS crowd holds out some hope, but the state of the industry has moved beyond the 'artisan crafted' OS. Just as it has in the desktop computing world, which had a number of contenders as OS upstarts, most of which are mostly forgotten now.

    Had HP kept it webOS in even slightly good shape, Amazon might have wanted it for their rumored Amazon phone, but that is certainly not in the cards (no pun intended) now.

    With most credible developers afraid to invest any significant time in webOS after getting burned by HP (even the venerable webOS Internals team has to feed their families), we are in metaphoric quicksand. And the big boys won't even look at a platform anymore unless they see the potential for millions in sales.

    To get out of the quicksand, we need a big player to prime the pump by putting it in a place where it will be adopted by enough people top make it worth a developer's while to write for the platform. The Nook did well for a while but got it's trump card (e-books), stolen by Amazon, and now looks to become the next platform to collapse.

    Not sure who's left to drive that kind of volume. Give it freebies to a national university system, to a large social / professional or even religious(?) organization (AARP, the NEA, the Catholic church, every high schooler in America or China). Then you would need a dedicated killer app for that group which would have millions wanting to have the device - even if only in addition to their daily use phone. It gets pretty far fetched at this point. I just don't see that happening

    But again, the landscape changes in ways it's hard for even the the most astute person to foresee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RumoredNow View Post
    Click to view quoted image

    4 days into the polling... 49 voters with 119 votes. 2.43 votes per participant which is a very slight decline in vote ratio...

    HP... releases webOS devices again... 5 votes. Just shy of 16.5% of respondents. Old habits die hard...

    PIC produces new hardware dedicated to webOS... 0 votes.

    One more thing... if HP gets back into webOS, as much as I love the OS, I am RUNNING for the hills. They should never be allowed to touch it again... EVER!!!
    "Sometimes I feel like an OS-less child..."
    (with apologies to Billie Holiday )
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    Since HP is selling its WebOS patents and there're many who's willing to buy it, it's not entirely impossible that a popular smartphone company (such as HTC, ZTE or Sony) is willing to launch an Open WebOS powered smartphone by the end of next year. Wouldn't that be great?
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    WebOS developers are awesome!
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