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    I was looking for a tablet on made-in-china, and I was really suprised, because there, in the list with operating systems, I saw WebOS! Of course I selected it, and than there was this tablet: 9.7inch Tablet, Quad-Core, 1.4GHz MID, 12, 000mA Battery Mini Tablet PC - China 9.7inch Tablet,Quad-Core 1.4ghz Mid saying it has a 1.4 GHz quad core CPU and a 9.7" screen. Off course, I don't believe any of the specs, partly because of the image, mostly because of it saying it runs webos. But just to be sure, I asked them if the tablet is running HP open webOS. So far I haven't had any response from them, but I still have a little spark of hope.

    Just wanted to share this with you,
    Jan Thiemen
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    Further below is says: "Operating system: Miracle OS "
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    a lot of people use the term "web os" to just mean any old device that can access the internet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HeyRadar View Post
    Further below is says: "Operating system: Miracle OS "
    Yet there is no OS called Miracle OS other than a vague distribution from Oracle but I highly doubt they're using that.
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    Well it has the right form factor to mimic TouchPad, but also iPad. It appears buttonless and the wallpaper looks Applesque. The bottom bar of icons is also reminiscent of iOS.

    An enterprising OEM could use Open webOS, supply their own drivers and call it Miracle or Fortunate Scorpion or... whatever...

    Minimum order of 5 units. Hmmm...
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    what a misnomer
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    So is this what happened to the warehouses full of unassembled HPTP components, ready for the mega production runs that then got fully 'Leo'd'?

    (Although quite how a Dual Core magically becomes a 'Quad Core', I am not sure!).

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    I thought the 4g was a 32gig TP?

    Also, the top tablet listed on this thread doesn't have a microphone - what use is it without?
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    So, hang on, is someone making new webOS hardware?

    I realise the spec is no doubt the same as the old touchpads, but at least it's something! - PIC, buy the stock! ;-)

    Or are they just reselling old stock?

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