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    Pretty sure these things never do any good...but I'm gonna be that guy. Started a petition to give us a voice on the LG buyout and the demand for new mobile hardware.

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    I like a good petition :-) signed


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    You think we'll have 19,998 more agree with us?

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    +1 signature...

    I'm a post-Apothcolypse webOS convert. I've always said LG is the one company I wish would take up the webOS operating system and make hardware for it. Honestly, this is not sucking up. Check my post history.

    I'm sure all has not been revealed yet.

    I don't expect any movement on that front in 2013.

    But Google's pledge to not favor Motorola with first release of versions is running out. LG committed to a FireFox OS phone and so did a lot of other players (Alcatel OneTouch, ZTE and Huawei) so that is already a crowded field.

    The Nexus 4 was an honor that keeps LG with Google for a moment, but where will the next Nexus come from? Motorola???

    webOS is way more mature and field tested than Tizen, FireFox, Ubuntu, etc. Sailfish might have a claim at maturation, but the Chinese OEMs have gotten hold of that one.

    Let LG's people start playing with webOS and see how it starts springing up throughout product lines. I wouldn't rule out the mythical webOS toaster... Nor would I rule out a webOS phone or tablet.

    With webOS, LG now has an in-house OS with a smooth UI and huge connectivity potential. Once it gets into homes via TV (+ its remote), dishwasher, refrigerator, whatever... Then the time is ripe yet again for handsets and tablets. The UI is back out there and getting an audience. webOS does need a revamp and a rehabilitation in the eyes of the consumer market.
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    signed. Least I can do as a webOS user.
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    Would Love HP/Palm to release the WindsorNot, Windsor, TouchPad Go, etc...

    Would love LG to make something with webOS...

    But HP/Palm had some good devices, if they just priced them right, and marketed them right...

    The OS now needs a lot of work... I still use my webOS 2.2.4 PrePlus and my Touchpad everyday... But they need to be updated, Certificate fixes, Developers need to support their apps, but they won't unless HP/Palm pay them money up front and they get their payday fee as well...
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    Proudly signed!

    (Hope springs eternal!)
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    Count me as signed up.

    I won't be in the market any time soon for a new TV (a STB maybe) though I wish LG very well with their SmartTV ideas. I can see that WebOS could fit very well into such a device but the place it really shines is mobile devices which means phones and tablets in the current market. I fully expect my Pre3 to last me another year or two, I like to hold on until something really compelling comes along and I see nothing on the market yet to tempt me away.

    Given a late 2014/early 2015 timeframe I could see LG being able to make something really custom and excellent. They could (and in my opinion should) do something much sooner by utilising existing designs but I'm not kidding myself that that is at all likely.
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    iphone 5 on sprint wouldn't leave a good relationship
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    new hardware with no new software seems kinda backward, what we have now seems better off.
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    Signed. Still contemplating getting that Relay 4G and doing a Touchstone Mod though...
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    I signed too
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    I signed. But LG has to wait until webOS is updated, ready, and stable to be put on modern hardware. Good news is that new hardware can run webOS quickly now. The first Pre was laggy and contributed to webOS' initial bad rep. I feel better about LG now that I've digested the news. I think US companies have short attention spans and LG has a long view and hypercompetitive with its fellow korean sibling Samsung. LG has deep resources and willing to take risks much more than a weakened HP or any other US tech company.
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    Just wondering about the petition target count. Is 20000 the lowest you can set?
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    No. I just figured I would shoot high.
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    Feels to me to be a bit too high. I doubt there are 20000 active webOS users. Something like 2000-5000 seem more reasonable. Unless you can somehow get a wildfire reaction on social networks.
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    Well, I don't think the appeal of 2000-5000 units would change LG's stance. It would have to be a significant number. But I think world wide we could get a good response if the word of "mouth" spreads. There are over 500,000 registered users of this forum alone. I just really figured I would wait until the petition got pretty stagnant and see where it was at. The goal is adjustable.
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    Signed, tweeted with link. 88 signatures.
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