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Given that HP has fallen so far behind the curve, it's going to be quite a task to garner even developer support for new WebOS apps... and without that, consumers will take a quick glance at it and move on to something else, no matter how big the entity behind the hardware is... or how cool WebOS is.

Afraid the baby, this time, truly has been thrown out with the bathwater.
One key question, will be on how HP is doing to correct those mistake that they made for being hot headed with the launch of WebOS and their failure to garner the attention of worldwide app developers ? Looking into the statements of the not-so-bright Mrs. Whitman , its business as usual nothing happened and they decide to move into Windows 8 tablet platform. For me that's not how you fix things on the app WebOS situation, and what angers me most will be that they continue to do nothing leaving developers stranded behind....forcing them to look elsewhere to develop their apps for competing platforms. For instance, Astraware they like to continue with WebOS to create more apps, however, with this thing of dropping support for TouchPad with recent new version of OpenWebOS made matters worse and created a lot of confusion. And biggest sad part of this story continues to be that amidst all of these issues, HP attitude still is "who cares".