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    So, I decided what the hell.. Why not play with my Palm Pre. So I opened up my Pre. I ended up disambelling the whole slider/keyboard leaving me with a Palm Pre Slab. You can go to Preware and download an on-screen keyboard if you're interested. I made a video here:
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    After puking a couple of times due to the camera movement, I think I'm good now.

    So, could this be achieved through just taping the phone so the slider can't move? Isn't that just the same thing? I don't see anything physically different other than the fact that the slider can't move (since it's not there, obviously) and no keyboard.

    Would be interested to hear how useable it is if you put the VKB on it and played around with it for a couple of hours. Although, I'm sure it would be for the most part. Pretty cool how it doesn't seem to mess with the phone at all, not having all of that hardware available!
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    the vkb did work under webOS 1.4.x but I don't think anyone ever got it to work well for webOS 2.x (I know, cuz I had a bad kb on a webos 2.x phone and tried the vkb patch). Search for some threads on this.

    OP - pretty cool though. Waiting for someone to make a franken-pre-toaster like HP/Palm once promised. LOL
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    I was only able to get the vKB to work on webOS 2.1 .. and it was a little annoying at that .. since no landscape mode ..
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    Its been stabilized (don't have a link to it, but its here somewhere)

    Works fine on my Pre 2 - 2.2.4, crashes rarely, not too bad.
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    Here's the working stabilized version for 2.2.4

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