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    is the main thing HP said, which was that they don't want to sell webos, however they are looking for a partner that would devote their time solely to webos, and not have multiple partners across the board to dilute the OS like what is happening to android, thereby i think forcing the google/motorolla marriage. i think HTC is what webos needs right now, and it wouldnt be a skinned OS, but rather their own OS. just my 2 cents, and i like to be optimistic about everything, but i think i could see this working very well for the platform, especially since HTC hardware has made its presence known throughout the mobile community.
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    "however they are looking for a partner that would devote their time solely to webos"

    HP can say or want whatever they want. They absolutely will not find a partner who will license WebOS and use it exclusively. A lot of what gets said is just to establish a negotiating position. Ultimately, they will take what they can get.
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    Let's see, webOS failed miserable with everything they produced. Pre, Pre Plus, Pre2, Pre3, Pix, Pix Plus, Veer and TouchPad. Do you really think HTC is going to become a partner and they will devote their time solely to failed OS like webOS? I really doubt it. HTC is not desperate company.
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    HP say a lot of things about WebOS but their actions say more.
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    They also said they would sell 120 printers and PCs / minute with webOS installed.
    Bottom line, whatever they said, they might do the opposite or anything else, I guess they're asking their Magic 8 Ball for help with their business decisions.
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    I honestly think that HP has no idea what it is going to do with WebOS. I think they were going to sell it, then the Touchpad sold like crazy, so they decided to keep it, but they don't know what to do. And it's the software side of HP, not the hardware side of HP that's keeping it. They have NO track record of working with hardware partners. They have no track record of developing mobile OS's. It infuriates me, but I think HP is going to kill WebOS. I don't think they intend on killing it, but I think that's what's going to happen due to their incompetence.

    Please someone prove me wrong. Please.

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