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    I read through a random Tech-site, and i came accrossed an interesting topic about Samsung next webOS smart phones.What i read that, Samsung will lunch 2 webOS Slab-super phones.Both phones will use the new Tri-core processing new technology,that have been in development by Samsung themselves.The slab super webOS phones suppose to be release at the end of the year,maybe before christmas,but they didn't set the exact lunch date yet.They're going to lunch a 4" and a monster 4.2 EVO style with their new super touch screen technology.Finger crossed.Samsung and Htc having an announcement coming soon.Stay tune.
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    Do you have a link to that site?
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    Mmmm... Phones for lunch.
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    link or it's suspect...

    actually, it's already suspect.
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    This thread made me hungry.

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    I will try to post the link soon.
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    Nom NomNom sounds tasty morsels of fungus.
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    mmmmm...lunch !!!
    They can take away a webOS device from being released on Sprint...but I will never lose my love for webOS!!!...GO TOUCHPAD!!!!

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    my Samwhich that I nicknamed "Sammy" (yes like Samsung) was approximately 4 inches long and had at least 3 slabs of turkey meatloaf

    Thanks to eating it about 30 minutes ago this thread about a 4 inch sammy did not make me hungry.

    Thank you.
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...
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    Google search yields nothing other than a link to this post, lol.
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    Oh c'mon guys this is so obvious this person is taking the p*ss with you
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    nothing on the web about this
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    Why would anybody think that it would be funny or even smart to post bull**** like this. Especially since we obviously have access to a certain something called Google. LOL!

    You just made yourself look like an moron.

    Quote Originally Posted by cyber4444 View Post
    I will try to post the link soon.
    HAHAHA! yeah you get goin on that...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Quills View Post
    link or it's suspect...

    actually, it's already suspect.
    The dudes got only 10 posts and is trying to sell you on a Tri-core webOS phone?!?

    Come on people, don't fall for this kind of stuff.
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    Nom Nom Nom!
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    I still don't understand why didn't any one used creative`s zii processing technology. Sounded promising two years ago, with the jar dropping demos.
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    could you please post a drawing of the tri tip sirloin core webos phone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kevlarcompg View Post
    could you please post a drawing of the tri tip sirloin core webos phone?
    As in responds to everyone here down-grading what i had posted, it was a link that i accidentally came upon through a link from a random Tech-site, about Samsung lunching new webOS super smart phones, to be release at the end of the year. I'm post this thread to keep active for those that want to know more about Samsung intention towards webOS.I'm updating this post on my phone.When i get home on my computer, i will copy & paste and than post the link. As i said soon.
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    I want a tri tip sammich!..ooops i mean samsung
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    I'll believe it when I see it in a press release from Samsung.
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