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    I can not beleve the pressrelease from HP it's just stupid.
    WebOS is a superior os for mobile devices.
    If they figured they would make a profit from WebOS in this short time that they have owned it somebody made a grave misscalculation. You can not simpley create a totally new way of thinking of mobile devices and beleave all pople will be at it as flyes on cowdung. Most pople don't know webos is around. And as you need to experienc it to beleave, nowone have experienced the real deal yet or just a few pople.
    The hardware just got good enough to run the fabules OS and the kinks of the software just went away with 3.0.2 for the tuchpad. and the Pre3 howmany pople got one of those?

    Point is, when you introduce this kind of newness you have to expect losses in earnings, you spend money to make money. The asian producers will concure the world by doing just that. The western thinking of keeping the shareholders happy by not loosing a single dime will crush all companys doing it.

    HP, its time to step up and deliver the great hardware and keep on tweking that OS to perfection. With harware to make the OS run smooth WebOS and HP will make a stunning profit and take android out of buissnes. There is room for multiple mobile and I beleve webOS will get up to a 25% market share in a year, but if that's going to happend webOS devices must be available everywere. Hp have the distribution network to do it Palm did not. Hp got the money to do it ,Palm did not.

    I say skrew the shareholders. Go HP make us see that you are the biggest electronics company in the world and can make great things happend to all pople.

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    I thought HP had more spine than this. I figured they would at least give it a couple years, then give up. However, when I saw the demos for windows 8 I did get kinda worried for webos, as windows 8 would of probably clobbered any hope of webos making ground in the tablet space next year. HP certainly is not as stuborn as microsoft, microsoft takes a beating for years riding products out eg xbox, zune, search, etc (well except kin, ha).
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    I disagree. You don't have to expect to lose money or take years to start turning a profit. Mobile phones and tablets are a huge industry with huge profit margins. Look at how much money Apple stockholders have made since the Ipod, Iphone and Ipad were released. Given, Apple is an elite company and I didn't expect HP to give them a head to head battle in terms of sales right off the bat. But people will spend their money on a great product. Period. The first Ipad and last year's Ipod touch are still selling for like $300 even though they're one or two generations old. And you can't buy an Ipad or Ipod touch with a cell phone company discount. You're paying at least a few hundred bucks for these things and Apple sells millions.
    The problem HP made is simple and huge. They did the exact same thing Palm did, but spent more money on advertising. They barely even changed the design of the phone. What kind of business strategy is that? HP MADE HARDWARE, but didn't make any significant changes to the model of the Pre. Then they release a phone that's smaller than the Pre. Did anyone think the Pre was too big? I just don't get it. Aren't there a bunch of executives and managers assessing the situation and saying, "this is how Palm failed, so let's focus on those areas and try to make some money around here."Nope. Instead, they said, "Hey, Palm failed pretty miserably with this Pre phone even though the OS is pretty nice. Let's just continue down their path of failure and something good is bound to happen. Right?"
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    WebOS is also getting older. Back in 2009, the cards multitasking was awesome compared to no multitasking on the iPhone, and Android didn't even really exist.
    Now, people see multitasking on both of the leading platforms, and even card multitasking on QNX and WP7.

    I'm really surprised Apple hasn't copied the Touchstone charger yet. It has to be coming soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by beca View Post
    I say skrew the shareholders. Go HP make us see that you are the biggest electronics company in the world and can make great things happend to all pople.

    As much as you want to blame the shareholders. Most were just as blindsided as the public.

    All this rests on Leo and the BOD. This was an inside job. The board did not want to get Palm. Hurd did and was conveiniently found to have ethical question to oust him. The board wanted desparetly to go all services. Thats where Leo came in. He did everything short of outright killing it to begin with. So that it could be the excuse for jettisoning the PSG.

    All I can say is if you think that 20% drop was the end. Get ready for the next week free fall. The stock could be at only 20% of its price from Friday.

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    i'm not blaiming the shareholders, but the management who lacks a spine to tell them to expect less profit for some time.

    and for the iphone, tell me the story of the iphone. Did it not struggle to reach profitabale number the firs two years?

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