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    Even though samsung had stated they were happy with the morola/google merger, they apparently have some different feelings behind the curtain. Time for WebOS to become the new frontrunner for Samsung

    Samsung reconsiders software “competitiveness” after Google Motorola deal - SlashGear
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    If only... But I think they will shift more towards bada and/or WP7.
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    Would be fantastic and my dream having Samsung and HP working together and finally having something useful on my big screen TV!

    Some people say, if Google wasn't successful in this market how can HP, Samsung, and webOS be successful...who would have ever thunk that I'd love webOS as much as I do.

    I can see it working and being different! Sorli...
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    It may not be HP in name. Seems the PC division is being spun out.
    Dan Donovan
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    Quote Originally Posted by dgdonovan View Post
    It may not be HP in name. Seems the PC division is being spun out.
    You're post beat all other times I've found. Way to bring gutsy info here, especially how these threads can go if you talk down about HP.
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    Would love HTC to pickup webOS. Not really for Samsung, have had problems with previous phones from them and don't think they could live up to having it pretty much perfect.

    Don't really like iOS, Android (even though currently using one, but picking up my Pre 2 tomorrow!), Blackberry, or Windows Phone 7.

    webOS or maybe GridOS (if it turns out to be good, mix of Android & WP7, plus runs Android apps!)
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    I liked this part and this def has me leaning toward Samsung and hoping they do.

    "Meanwhile, the company is also reportedly preparing its new Super AMOLED HD display technology, which will be used to better differentiate Samsung’s phones and tablets from those of rivals."

    Plus can you imagine the possibilties if samsung buys webos? Tv's,fridges,dryers,washers,tablets,etc all working together with a smarphone plus super amoled hd!! ***!! Ftw!!
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    i think everyone missed a certain part, that shows maybe their thinking about expanding their "software" division...

    “[Samsung] must strengthen the competitiveness of its information technology, secure more human resources and also more actively seek mergers and acquisitions … We must pay attention to the fact that IT power is moving away from hardware companies such as Samsung to software companies” Lee Kun-hee, chairman, Samsung Electronics

    maybe im reading into this too much, but is it possible that HP did this to give samsung a head start, and put the devices into the hands of consumers, therefor making the deal even sweeter? just speculation on my part, but sounds nice...
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