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    I love my TP. Love it. So much, I sneer at my partner's wimpy iPad2....yeah, it's sleek, and yeah, it has an app (that always crashes) for that (but I don't need the app because my browser rocks, I have flash, etc. etc.).

    It seems to me that HP has figured out how to do the keyboardless interface. What should be holding up adapting 3.0.xxxx to a slab smartphone factor? It would seem to be easy (but I'm no techno guru). A slab form factor in my mind would take advantage of the best of webOS, and pairing it with phone capability that works extraordinarily well (iPhone 4Gs are still lousy at keeping calls from dropping, at least in my hands), it would seem that HP would have a winning combination that would attract a lot of buyers. I'm not in the mood for another slider like the Pre3, but I need to upgrade my Pre+ soon, so, how long before HP decides to launch a slab webOS phone? Please speculate wildly and humorously.
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    Wrong forum.

    Future webOS smartphones Forums - Help, How-Tos & More at #1 HP webOS Community!

    If HP decides not to go with phones anymore or if they are only releasing slates...

    ... I'm using my Veer till it dies. Then I have my Pre Plus. And my Pre. And after that my Nokia E51 awaits.

    I'll use it till HSPA and CDMA networks all get shut down. Then I'll start using wire and styrofoam cups.
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    I concur on the slab form/function style phone. I had a Samsung GalaxyS and loved the virtual keyboard and look forward to a webos version.

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