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    so i was thinking that with all of this bad news of sprint not getting any new webos hardware, and the almost 1 day rumor(with no follow-up) about the slab style phone that was gonna be an exclusive to sprint, what if its because sprint is switching technologies? its been all over the web that sprint has inked a deal with clearwire till the end of 2012, which means to mean that its a temporary solution until they have the LTE situation figured out. they have been in talks with lightsquared for potential LTE, and using the 800mhz frequency(which would be another benefit, because ATT would be using the same frequency, and from what ive read, sprint customers would be able to roam over ATTs LTE network). is it possible that sprint is almost to a close, and thats why we havent seen ANY news of hardware on sprint, because they are changing their technology, and hp is waiting on them? it seems like both parties have stated before that they are all still in good arrangements, am i correct? im just trying to put pieces of the puzzle together, some of which might not even be there, but im just looking for the light at the end of the tunnel...
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    Sprint and LightSquared confirm agreement, 15 years worth of LTE network sharing and more -- Engadget

    lightsqaured deal is complete, isnt that weird, and i didnt even look for it before i posted this message...
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    HP and sprint could happen...just not any time soon.
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    is iPhone5 why HP is scared of Sprint...right now?

    The next iPhone is due in about a month (roughly when Pre3 should be released). there is a fair amount of chatter that Sprint is getting the iPhone 5. Since the iPhone5 will be more cloud centric I could see Sprint becoming the premiere network for iPhone users. Sprint doesn't cap data or speed, which makes it the only network for cloud centric phones. I can't imagine HP wants to bury the Pre on the Sprint network that will be picking up new customers thanks to the iPhone around September.

    In the near future I don't see how HP could ignore Sprint for the same reason the iPhone makes sense to run on Sprint. Unlimited data and speed is essential to using your $2,400 investment (cost of phone plus 2 years worth of service).

    I'm forgiving both Sprint and HP for no device on Sprint until the iPhone 5 comes out, but they need some news soon after. My 2 year old pre is showing its age and I find myself making excuses to get a photon 4g.
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    i bought a nexus s, because the pricing and timing was right because my pre(6th) was starting to slowly show more and more signs of wear, so i got the nexus s and its a great phone, however im missing things that were part of webos that rnt included in android... i still keep my pre- close by, and my dreams of a new webos phone on sprint.

    and i have to say on another note that after using a slab style phone, i could ONLY imagine how amazing one would be with webos.

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