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    I'm a fan of the idea of HP licensing out webOS. I think a good idea would be to get with a hardware manufacturer and start a new line of webOS phones.

    Samsung/HTC manufactures the Nexus brand of phones for Google, because they make pretty good hardware. I know that unlike Google, HP is a hardware company. But let's face it, the area of mobile phones is a tough sector hardware wise.

    HP could start a premium line of HP Envy webOS phones and try and get Nokia to make them (I know Nokia is MS dirty lady now). They by far have the nicest hardware out there (N8, E7, N9, and old days, N95).

    What do you guys think?

    (First post, even though been on this site 1000s of times)
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    Nokia sucks,
    Motorola sucks,
    Samsung sucks,
    HTC Makes better hardware then all of them. So I would go with HTC

    Edit: I would rather HP get their act together and start making great phones.Actually the pre 3 seems like great hardware from what I seen.But it's missing a few things.

    1.First releasing the damn thing already on all carriers.
    2.Dual core
    3.Hdmi out
    4.Better battery
    5.Camera Zoom(IMO)
    6.3 axis gyroscope
    7.1080p hd video not 720p

    This will make the pre 3 more of a competition to any phone that's available.
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    I really don't think HTC makes the best hardware. For one, of all the manufacturers they probably have the worst displays on smartphones today.

    I don't think that dual-core is necessary in webOS, unless it aids battery life.

    The Pre3 really misses on the camera and the maps/gps functionality. Its way behind competitors. To be honest, my N95 has a better camera and better GPS functionality, and that thing is ancient.

    A great feature for a business phone is GPS. Integrated into the entire OS. Have a meeting? here it is on the map, and how to get there. Just-type would make GPS in webOS the best GPS implementation out there. Now a days its:

    launch maps --> click search --> type destination --> hit go

    with Just Type it would be

    type destination --> hit go

    HP really needs to hop on board with someone other than Google for their maps.
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    Well I'm not sure who should build it, but after reading numerous reviews of the Veer, it is obvious what sort of phone it should be.

    It should be the same size as the iPhone.

    It should be a slab phone like the iPhone

    It should definitely have a microUSB cable

    It should have a standard headphone slot

    It should have 16 hours of video playback on one charge of its removable battery.

    It should somehow have faster data downloads than is possible with AT&T while on AT&T's network (because apparently everyone else's phone does).

    It should definitely have more megahertz than anyone else's phone because bigger numbers are better. Maybe it should run on a higher voltage too.

    Then the reviewers would still hate it because:

    They don't need that much battery life and it makes the phone too big (or heavy, phone reviewer's arms tire when lifting more than 8 oz).

    The microUSB cable is inconvenient because it gets dirt in it

    The headphone jack would be in the wrong place

    It wouldn't have a physical keyboard

    It would only have a 20 megapixel camera and they would say that 30 is needed because bigger numbers are better and math is hard!
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    I agree completely. Even if the Pre3 came out and out-spec'd every smartphone out there, the techie blogosphere would complain. Main reason I think, they are biased towards either iPhone, or Android.

    But the new iPhone 4S/5 running iOS 5, is a TOTAL rip of webOS and Android notifications. It will be hailed as the most amazing notification system system IM and receive 10/10 ratings EVERYWHERE.

    It took 5 iterations of the software to get there. SAD

    Jobs complains about companies supposedly stealing their IP, and turn around and do it to everyone else. I guess when you have 70+ billion in cash, you can sue whomever you please without feeling it much.

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