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    HP Collective 1
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    Call it the Enterprise and have Shatner do the commercial. SOLD!!!
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    If the HP Palm is being considered, an "HP Handspring" should be considered.

    They made the very first version of what would eventually become the Palm smartphones. I had the phone module for my Visor. The dialing pad still harkens back to it. They then made the first Treo...all the way to the Treo 600.
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    Hp late
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    HP Hook
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    They could also call it the HP Sprint. Wouldn't that be funny.
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    Well, apple could use a simple name like iPhone, so,



    The only problem is they have other phones like the veer and pre 3, so this might not make sense
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    HP Juggler
    HP Octo
    HP Task
    HP Tasker
    HP TouchTask
    HP TouchPhone
    HP TouchShare
    HP TouchPass
    HP MultiPass
    HP Wish
    HP Genie
    HP Hurricane
    HP Complete
    HP Done
    HP dOne
    HP dOne+
    HP Accomplish
    HP Fulfill
    HP Kali
    HP Brahman
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    How about the "HP Vapor" sporting the new WebOS Vaporware?
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    I still like the idea of calling it the HP Palm but maybe doing something like calling it the Palm One. Sequels to be called the Two, Three, Four. I like the number being spelt out.
    I dream of World Wide webOS.
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    HP Anything that isn't a stupid noun or verb like all the stupid Android phones. I'm looking at you, Fascinate/Inspire/Devour/etc etc..

    Truth is even funnier - Comparison of Android devices - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia has a list of all the different names... it just goes on and on. So much crap in there.
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    HP Tabette
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    HP Mobile Accomplisher
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    HP Incinerator
    HP Exocet
    HP Obliterator
    HP Exterminator
    HP Crusher

    Will probably be called....

    HP TouchPad Nano
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    HP Vapor
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    My idea is that they could make a huge EVO-like phone and call it the HP Beast. Either that or maybe they could steal one from HTC and call it the HP Hero.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grendarr View Post
    HP Vapor
    Haha, too funny

    From a marketing perspective, "touch" is synonymous with HP. They should stick with it and make an envy line for top tier. I like the phone in the Mojo emulator of the touchpad. Wish they made a physical device of it, excellent screen size and proportions.
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    Haven't read all 57 replies, so maybe it was already suggested: HP TouchSlab (not really serious, that would be an awful name )
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    The HP Myte is my guess... Since, well that's one of their trademarked names
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