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    You guys are all wrong. The next phone will be called The HP Inthecomingmonths.
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    The HP What!

    The HP When!

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    Hp Oreo,for old times sake!

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    HP Steer
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    HP Glacier
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    HP iwantaphonenow
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    The HP Sauce...

    what makes it so special? WebOS...It's in the sauce!

    or, in homage to other meanings of the initials 'H.P.', the Voldemorta!
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    HP Slab

    or the HP Launch, se everyone can be a launch day owner.
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    The WebOS-powered HP Lovecraft: So good, it will shatter your sanity!
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    how about "Slap" the Slab

    new function .. JustSlap and of you go.
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    oh yeah ... The theme for the phone would be " the Slap of the year .. Felt like nothing else"
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    +1 for "Edge"
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    HP Phoenix or the HP Rival
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    Edge seems old. I like "Share", "Social", "Cloud", or something of that genre. HP Lovecraft wins the creativity award, just think of the cases you could get with tentacles, etc

    "Source" is also good, a nod to the open nature, homebrew, etc. The "Open" might also work.

    Of course they could go for the alt crowd with the HP Fierce.

    Maybe naming it the HP Now would help them get on the Now network, which would suit me fine. It would also be a great time to release it.
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    how about nonexistant?
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    i like HP Spider or (spyder for the hipsters)... kid of a play on the "web" OS
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    Quote Originally Posted by jurias View Post
    HP iwantaphonenow
    Is this a name or a sentence?

    I like the OP's idea...or what about HP Sync or HP Habit
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    They could call it what I thought they should call the TP: HP Flow.

    That describes the WebOS experience in one word.
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    The "Touch"Phone. It's easy to say and rolls off the tongue just like the "Touch"Pad, "Touch"Smart, and "Touch"stone. Why not just continue with the "touch" theme and take it to a whole new level starting with the HP "Touch"Phone. Which will lead to a whole line of touching devices. The HP "Touch"Pod, "Touch"Phone, "Touch"Pad, "Touch"Stone and the "Touch"Smart. Very simple but brilliant if you ask me (I know it sounds like Apple, but who cares because Apple has copied so many great ideas before that it really doesn't matter)!
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