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    I would love to have a webos phone or tablet that has theses babies.I mean used to the full capabilities.

    Qualcomm Snapdragon roadmap leaks, Krait slithering on the scene soon -- Engadget

    Dual 1.7ghz for a phone!! Please HP make it so.

    Qualcomm unveils next-gen Snapdragon family, including quad-core 2.5GHz CPU -- Engadget

    Quad 2.5ghz!!! Seriously???!!! For a tablet would be crazy!!

    Note:"Qualcomm claims a performance increase of 150 percent and a power consumption drop of 65 percent over current ARM-based CPU cores."
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    impressive if these chips start to ship out soon... hopefully HP jumps on the bandwagon... though from my observations.. the 1.2 dual in the TP seem snappy enough.... I'd think a quadcore chip on a phone or tablet would be a bit overkill..... however.. if it aides in power consumption... sign me up

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